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Hearing loss is invisible, yet can affect vital aspects of your life. Loss of hearing usually develops slowly and often worsens with age. You may be unaware of the extent of the problem, even though your family and friends are quite aware of it. Hearing loss can erode the quality of your life and create communication problems, including:

     -Asking people to repeat what they say
     -Difficulty hearing in noisy restaurants
     -Turning the TV up to unreasonable volumes
     -Staying home to avoid social situations
     -Strained personal and family relationships

The good news is that there is help available. Most hearing problems can be helped with individually selected and fitted hearing aids. Hearing aids allow you to participate in life more fully and enjoy an overall improved quality of life. Hearing aids don't make you older - they make you younger and allow you to experience the joy and vitality you've had your entire life.  

We are a local, independently owned practice, and we offer very reasonable pricing as well as caring, personal service.  If you want to avoid the overpriced, impersonal franchises - and get great value as well as exceptional service - come and see Dr. Olsen soon to find a solution to your hearing problems.

Dr. Kate Olsen, Audiologist
Advanced Hearing Solutions of Wisconsin, S.C.