AVN Award Show

The AVN Award Show included gay video awards for the first time in 1986. This recognition was important, because AIDS was scaring actors in the industry. For example, John Holmes wife was a trained nurse. She testified that John was afraid of needles. If John Holmes didn't contract the HIV virus from the intravenous use of needles, industry officials linked his death sentence to sex, especially anal sex, because rumors fly around Los Angeles faster than polluted smog. John Holmes claimed to have hooked up with 14,000 women. Nearly 700 separate lovers in a single year were devoured by the experience. Girlfriends I had in San Francisco tattooed his name on their shoulder like visual a badge of honor for the world to admire. Jealous grunts resentful of John's fame still fight over his statistics to this day (2009). Male actors argue, "I knew him and it was more like 3,000." Three thousand? Fourteen? John Holmes has been dead since 1988 and I find myself listening to cat fights as I eat dinner in New York City restaurants, where talk over Holmes number of lovers monopolizes conversation across the table. I was pitching a script to an actor next to me as film crews argued. Each individual had an opinion about John Holmes and as I felt knocked around in the middle of the war, the soup on my spoon literally spilled across the script I was pitching. Hollywood executives fought with Manhattan's finest PR representatives for one hour. During the eighties when Holmes was diagnosed with AIDS, entertainment towns had film executives that whipped out a pistol on porn stars as if it were open hunting season all year. Reflecting on John's predicament, AIDS paranoia drove studios into panic mode. For every lover associated with John Holmes, there was untold thousands that feared they might have AIDS too. No one knows how many died because the Reagan Administration wasn't interested in preventing wars. They were only interested in starting new wars - Again, the soldier's sword, symbolized as a metaphor for male enhanced aggression, stabbed its way between the legs of the sex industry.

The AVN Awards are in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

I have an office in Las Vegas, Nevada, so I have been lucky to attend all the award shows, conventions, International Lingerie Conventions, the famous MAGIC showcase. 

Las Vegas, Nevada, is a great place to mingle with the celebrities earning money in this industry.