HHP 1999: Adventure Tourism

Welcome to our adventure!  

This class is designed as an entry level outdoor class that will introduce students to the topics of tourism, while utilizing the amazing natural resources the Chattanooga area affords.  No outdoor experience is necessary, but you should bring an adventurous spirit.  This class is field-intensive, in that all but two class days will be spent entirely outside.  Students should prepare for unpredictable weather and all the surprises that outdoor experiences might include.  

Join us as we explore the adventures that put Chattanooga at the top of the list for outdoor tourism in the U.S.

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Adventure Tourism - 26098 - HHP 1999 - 0
Associated Term: Spring 2015 
Registration Dates: Oct 30, 2014 to Mar 02, 2015 
Levels: Undergraduate 
Attributes: Lower Division Credit, Repeatable Course 
Instructors: Andrew W. Bailey (P), Anna B. Muller 

Lecture Schedule Type 
Conventional Methodology Instructional Method 
3.000 Credits 
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