Choose Your Own Adventure

Many of us grow up with a limited model for adventure:  we have a car or RV, we get into it for a few days when we can get away from work or school, and we go to a hotel, resort, or (if we're lucky) a campground so we can park under some trees.  All of this can typically cost a lot, and more often than not we have a fairly typical experience that may or may not meet our expectations, which are usually reasonably low.  After years of this, we begin to want more out of our discretionary time.

This site endeavors to empower us to go new places and try new things, on a shoestring budget, in new and exciting ways.  Maybe our jobs pay less than some, and maybe our student loans need to be repaid, but our time is our own and the world is there for our enjoyment!  Take the information presented here and craft a story you can tell to friends and family with pride.

The Bicycling pages will cover riding and planning your ride if you're going out with two wheels.

Camping & Lodging presents several methods for staying warm, dry, and comfortable to get the rest you need while overnighting out of town.

And Transit Options will explain the complicated webs of alternative transportation for long trips done frugally.

We'll have stories and information about what's worked for us here on the site; most of the helpful details will relate primarily to Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, but there will be other bits of advice for people from other places too.  If you have some tips or info you'd like to share, send it our way.

Happy adventuring, and cheers!
- Brock Dittus, editor