Adventures in YouTubery

This site was originally connected to the CUE Rockstar Vegas 2014 presentation of the same name by the talented, handsome, and modest Doug Robertson

You know what your students' presentations and videos need? They need more zazz.

Luckily, that's what I'm here to help with. By learning to use, and then teaching your students to use, YouTube's simple video editing tools you can give give those stale presentations a little zazz, and that will make everything better.

Get the students to say,  "How did you do that? Show me."  (Stolen from @DrStaubSTEM Justin Staub)

Youtube's upload and editing programming means anyone, students or teachers, can be a writer, actor, producer, editor, and director for their own movie. Learn to shoot multiple videos and use the simple interface to upload and cut them together into one seamless and sparkling presentation with titles, credits, transitions, and zazz.CCSS.ELA.Literacy._.5 standards at each grade level will be specifically addressed. Session will cover the basic steps needed to make simple, three feature videos, but more advanced attendees will be given the opportunity to create longer, more complex movies.
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