The Maidens Who Serve the Gods

The Maidens Who Serve the Gods
A GURPS Third Edition Campaign

This saga was the first campaign run in the Arcadayn setting, and used GURPS Third Edition, Revised. It ran from November 1998 to February 2002--a three-year span that has reached a satisfying stopping point for now. We intend to return to these characters for more adventures at some future date yet to be determined.

The Player Characters

Other Notable Characters

See Dramatis Personae for a list of characters appearing in this campaign.

Campaign Journal

[Only Sessions #1-2 were ever posted to the previous Arcadayn archive. The rest of the session summaries were added here in June 2017, with the help of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and my binder of hard copies.]
  • First Visions, First Battles: Fazia, Darra, Laylah (Sessions 1-8)
  • The Cat's Eyes: Darra, Laylah, Ruqayyah (Sessions 9-12)
  • The Duz, the Dragon, and the Demons: Darra, Laylah, Ruqayyah, Naima (Sessions 13-42)
  • Bodies of Water: Ruqayyah, Sarah, "Star" (Sessions 43-46 and 48-49)
  • Reclaiming the Asanos: Laylah, Ruqayyah, Darra (Sessions 47 and 50-55)

First Visions, First Battles: Fazia, Darra, Laylah

Session 1 (17 Greening 994 KC; 11/21/1998): Fazia and Darra meet as Darra is attacked by undead; Fazia takes Darra to her barracks; they are questioned by Lt. Ulfgar and Master Pelmark.

Session 2 (18 Greening; 1/16/1999): more questioning; news of a company that fought undead; a night at the circus with Corben's company; Laylah's first prophecy.

Session 3 (19-20 Greening; 1/30/1999): Pelmark introduces Laylah to Mistress Theolodia; Ulfgar speaks with Corben; Laylah has a dream; Fazia and Darra meet Laylah properly.

Session 4 (20-22 Greening; 2/13/1999): preparations for expedition to hunt undead; Laylah has another dream, and speaks more with her master and the priests.

Session 5 (23-26 Greening; 3/6/1999): Laylah freed from servitude; expedition departs; seek more data in Theronton.

Session 6 (27-29 Greening; 3/20/1999): travel to ruins in eastern hills; two battles with undead.

Session 7 (29 Greening; 3/27/1999): the obelisk; fight with the necromancer and his minions; Fazia's death.

Session 8 (29 Greening-4 Blooming; 4/3/1999): return to Theronton to heal; some of Darra's past revealed; Laylah begins lessons with Master Volan.

The Cat's Eyes: Darra, Laylah, Ruqayyah

Session 9 (5-10 Blooming; 4/10/1999): more healing and lessons; Ruqayyah introduced; Rashira speaks to Laylah.

Session 10 (11-22 Blooming; 4/17/1999): Laylah's song; Silverbolt's story; report on ruins; "Tel Yuli."

Interlude (in #10): Silverbolt's Story: how Pelmark's skin turned silver.

Session 11 (23-26 Blooming; 5/8/1999): journey to Tel Yuli; the lizard man shaman.

Session 12 (26-29 Blooming; 7/3/1999): another desert vision; meeting Al-Zaki; Hajaj's hawk.

The Duz, the Dragon, and the Demons: Darra, Laylah, Ruqayyah, Naima

Session 13 (30 Blooming-1 Highsuntide; 7/10/1999): audience with Hajaj, and offer of aid; Naima introduced.

Session 14 (2-7 Highsuntide; 8/7/1999): joining the caravan; sandstorm; Ruqayyah trapped in cat form.

Session 15 (8 Highsuntide; 8/13/1999): bandits; the man in the desert; to Tel Talib.

Session 16 (8-11 Highsuntide; 9/18/1999): tending Ayyub; Ruqayyah restored.

Session 17 (12-18 Highsuntide; 10/30/1999): travel to Tel Rebinat to meet the Duz.

Session 18 (18-19 Highsuntide; 11/27/1999): meeting with the Umar; Ayyub's story; rumors of necromancy; Ruqayyah's boon.

Session 19 (20 Highsuntide-1 Heatblight; 12/4/1999): visions of upcoming journey; goodbye gifts; leaving desert; Al-Zaki's help.

Session 20 (1-3 Heatblight; 12/18/1999): through Quikara; more about Al-Zaki.

Session 21 (4-11 Heatblight; 1/9/2000): waiting out Ruqayyah's lethargy; more about the Ranae and Rift; to Farvale; news of a dragon sighting.

Session 22 (12-14 Heatblight; 2/21/2000): news of an ambushed patrol; cross border into Outlands; Darra reveals more secrets; otters.

Session 23 (15-17 Heatblight; 3/4/2000): the dragon reveals itself.

Session 24 (17-19 Heatblight; 3/25/2000): dreams of kittens and lullabys.

Session 25 (19-21 Heatblight; 4/15/2000): the "dream-eaters"; Laylah's prayer for light; the Haunted Rift.

Session 26 (22-23 Heatblight; 5/6/2000): talking with Yantos; the eagle nest; the forest hunters and Rana.

Session 27 (23-24 Heatblight; 5/26/2000): an audience with the chief and his wife.

Session 28 (24-25 Heatblight; 6/17/2000): Laylah helps Ruqayyah obtain a vision.

Session 29 (26 Heatblight-1 Harvestmonth; 7/8/2000): into the badlands; the Mynar duel; the sentient sword; plus Interlude (8/3/2000): Darra and Helledoth.

Session 30 (1-2 Harvestmonth; 8/5/2000): Umok wakes, and trades stories.

Session 31 (2-5 Harvestmonth; 9/2/2000): resume journey; Birkum's tribe; Mynars join the quest.

Session 32 (5-7 Harvestmonth; 9/16/2000): encounter with scorpions.

Session 33 (8-14 Harvestmonth; 9/30/2000): into Perbor; the Mouth of Klur; Taroq sighted.

Session 34 (14-16 Harvestmonth; 10/14/2000): the battle with Taroq; finding the Asanos (?) in the Mouth of Klur.

Session 35 (16-22 Harvestmonth; 11/11/2000): leaving Perbor and the Mynars; nightmares of Ormenlind begin.

Session 36 (22-28 Harvestmonth; 11/25/2000): fighting the dreams; out of the badlands.

Session 37 (29 Harvestmonth-1 Leaffall; 1/6/2001): Naima poisoned; to Rana; audience with the seeker Iztok; the equinox festival.

Session 38 (1-4 Leaffall; 1/20/2001): gifts from Glaxis; Ruqqayyah's owl nightmare; Yantos's cave; "Thastygliax."

Session 39 (4-13 Leaffall; 2/3/2001): Darra pledges to help Yantos; to Farvale; Laylah helps Ruqayyah fight the dreams; downriver with Bran and Fran.

Interludes (in #40; 2/9/2001, 2/10/2001): talks with Al-Zaki; Kuldor condones Darra's new quest.

Session 40 (13-19 Leaffall; 2/17/2001): Pelmark finds them; Darra's pyre dream; to Berigissel; consult with Theolodia; the exorcism.

Session 41 (20 Leaffall-2 Browning; 3/9/2001): back to the Cat to request help; the Umar sends Duz to Berigissel; plus Interlude (3/11/2001): Darra and Pelmark.

Session 42 (1-4 Browning; 3/31/2001): the obsidian disk analyzed; the Duz arrive; Darra, Al-Zaki and Naima depart.

Bodies of Water: Ruqayyah, Sarah, "Star"

Session 43 (8-9 Browning; 5/5/2001): Sarah introduced; boat trip to the sea; an amnesiac discovered; Ruqayyah turned into water.

Session 44 (10-11 Browning; 5/19/2001): divination jogs "Star's" memory; experiments with water magic; the undine; consult palm-reader.

Session 45 (11-13 Browning; 6/16/2001): set sail; help victims of remora; to Veluvar.

Session 46 (14-15 Browning; 7/1/2001): to Carnvrin; consult with Old Meg about "Star"; learn about Oracle of the Cauldron.

Hiatus (7/2001-11/2001)

[Session 47: See "Reclaiming the Asanos," below.]

Session 48 (17-21 Browning; 11/3/2001): to Veluvar, then the Shrine of the Petitioners.

Session 49 (21 Browning-4 Yearwane; 11/23/2001): Star's dream and question; Ruqayyah learns Death Vision; Star sets off for "Marwar"; Ruqayyah returns to Berigissel.

Reclaiming the Asanos: Laylah, Ruqayyah, Darra

Session 47 (4-30 Browning; 10/3/2001): Darra aids Yantos; farewell to Al-Zaki; picking up Laylah's trail.

[Sessions 48-49: See "Bodies of Water," above.]

Session 50 (20 Leaffall-4 Yearwane; 11/24/2001): ritual in Berigissel; the clerics' caravan prepares and departs.

Session 51 (4-18 Yearwane; 12/16/2001): reunited with Laylah; Al-Zaki's letters; the rituals in Grimfled, Bregmund, and Gunrothric; the snake-spirit attacks; Darra nearly forgets the full moon.

Session 52 (18 Yearwane 994 KC-1 Darkmonth 995 KC; 1/12/2002): dreams of Ormenlind; to the Mother Church in Krynan; audiences with a Paragon and the Emperor; Prince Sidor's surprising request; the final ritual, and confrontation with Ormenlind; Ruqayyah's prayer for Sidor.

Session 53 (1-2 Darkmonth; 1/18/2002, 1/27/2002): Aftermath 1: Ruqayyah: dream of the Jackal; ears changed; a request to help Sidor.

Session 54 (1-2 Darkmonth; 1/28/2002): Aftermath 2: Darra: audience with Emperor, and a possible future request.

Session 55 (1-19 Darkmonth; 2/8/2002): Aftermath 3: Laylah: the new feather; divinations by Sunhild and others. Aftermath 4: Group: Laylah scolds the Emperor; Ruqayyah's gift and duty; plans for the future; clerics promoted; birth of Princess Laisa.
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