Adventures in Arcadayn

A medieval fantasy campaign setting by Tim Emrick

Welcome to the land of Arcadayn, a fantasy RPG campaign world that was created ca. 1987 and has been metamorphosing sporadically ever since. These pages represent the player's guide for the campaign, and are a work in progress.


These pages are dividing into general setting information (which is free of game mechanics) and game rules (support material for specific systems). At present, "Adventures in Arcadayn" is supported for GURPS Third Edition, the system under which the setting was originally developed, but I intend to offer support for other systems as well (notably GURPS Fourth Edition and BESM Third Edition, but possibly others as well). 



Overview of Arcadayn


Map of Arcadayn

Overview of Arcadayn

Nations of Arcadayn

Other Locations in Arcadayn: Bodies of WaterForestsIslandsMountain Ranges

The Outlands (Lands Beyond Arcadayn)

Other Worlds and Planes: Pan-Kemil (The Heavens); FaerieThe Afterlife


History of Arcadayn

Religions of Arcadayn

Technology and Goods

Creatures and Races


Arcadayn Campaigns


The Maidens Who Serve the Gods (GURPS 3E, 1998-2002) 



Game System Support


BESM Third Edition

GURPS Third Edition

GURPS Fourth Edition



About Arcadayn and Its Creators


How Arcadayn Came to Be

The Players

Adventures in Arcadayn (at my Studded Plate blog)