Egg-Free Substitutions for King Arthur Flour's Gluten Free Bread Mix

1 pkg. King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Bread Mix

4 Tbs. Coconut Oil, melted (you can use a different oil if you wish but I think the coconut oil adds to the overall texture).

1 and 1/2 cups Lukewarm Water (95° – 105° F.)

Egg Replacer* (see below) for 3 Eggs

1). Use an electric mixer to combine the melted coconut oil, water, and egg replacers.  Beat in 1 cup of the mix and the yeast.  Add the remaining mix a cup at a time.  After each addition, scrape the bottom and sides of the bowl, then beat on medium-high speed for 30 seconds.  When all the mix has been added, beat on medium-high speed for an additional 2 minutes.

2). Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, and let the batter rise for 30 minutes.

3). Stir to deflate.  Spoon batter into a lightly greased 8 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ or 9″ x 5″ loaf pan, leaving the middle domed in a traditional loaf shape.  With wet fingers, gently smooth the surface.  Preheat the oven to 350°F.

4). Cover the pan with greased plastic wrap, leaving room for expansion.  Let the bread rise until the middle is crowned 1″ over the rim of the pan.  This will take 20 to 40 minutes, depending on room temperature.  Carefully remove the plastic wrap.

5). Bake the bread until it’s golden brown and the center registers 200°- 210°F on an instant-read thermometer.  This will take 50 to 60 minutes.  Remove it from the oven; turn it out of the pan, and cool on a rack completely (Note: the bread will have a gummy texture if you try and eat it while it is still warm but the gumminess will disappear once the bread has cooled to room temperature).

*Egg Replacers

I used a combination of 2 different egg replacers for the 3 eggs called for on the package:

1). For two of the eggs, I used the following mixture for 2 ‘chia eggs‘: Mix 2 tsp. Ground White Chia Seed with 6 Tbs. Water, set aside until mixture thickens.

2). For the 3rd egg, I used this mixture: 2 Tbs. Warm Water + 1 Tbs. Melted Coconut Oil + 1/2 tsp. Baking Powder.