Corn-Free Powdered Sugar

Homemade Powdered Sugar (Vitamixed)

1 cup Beet Sugar (NOW Foods sells a non-GMO Beet Sugar)

1 Tbs. Sweet Potato Starch (see note)

  • Click here for a quick video tutorial on the Vitamix website.

Notes: I've had my sweet potato starch for a long time (lost in the back of my deep freezer), and I cannot seem to locate an available source for it now.  I will keep looking for a source and will update this post when I find one.  You can also use an equal amount of Tapioca Starch or Arrowroot.

You can also make this in a regular blender, it just might be a tad bit gritty.  I do not recommend making this in a food processor, the sugar never "powdered" for me.