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 This award winning book gives a factual and vividly descriptive account of a
young man who pursues his passion for exotic  Pheasants  into the deepest
jungles of Borneo,  the world's third largest island.  Dan is determined to
find the tiny Bornean Peacock Pheasant even though there hasn' t been a 
 documented sighting of the  bird in the wild since 1962.
Traveling by himself into the hot humid oldgrowth rainforests, Dan is often
unaware of the dangers involved because he doesn't speak the language or
know the customs.  During his seven  months in  Indonesia, he finds himself
in some very  unusual,  often  uncomfortable, and more often than not,
 life-threatening situations.  But Dan never strays far from his focus
on finding the Pheasant, and his intriguing personal experiences range
from hold your breath adventure to hold your belly hilarious.
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ISBN:  978-0-9817001-0-6
Format:  Paperback, 208pp
Publisher:  Pheasant Tale Productions
 Publication Date:  April 2008
Book Size:  8.5 by 5.5
Weight:  10.5 ounces
Story by Daniel James
 Written by Jolan Durrah
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Pheasant Tale Productions
P.O. Box 73
 Skamokawa, WA  98647
 or by email at adventureinborneo@gmail.com
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2009 NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner:  Best Book
in the Category of Adventure
2009 Next Generation INDIE Finalist:  Multicultural Non-fiction
2009 Next Generation INDIE Finalist:  Travel/Travel Guide
2009 Next Generation INDIE Finalist:  Best Cover Design, Non-fiction
2009 National Best Books Finalist:  Multicultural Non-fiction
2009 National Best Books Finalist:  Travel Essay
2009 Beach Book Festival:  Honorable Mention, Non-fiction
2008 Premier Book Award:  2nd in the category of Biography
2008 DIY Book Award:  Honorable Mention, Non-fiction
Nominated for a 2009 Pacific Bookseller's Association Award


Book Review by Aaron M. Ostoj
“Adventure in Borneo” also by Jolan Durrah, takes off where “Obsession” leaves you. Dan has a burning desire to travel to Borneo to see if his beloved peacock pheasant exists in the wild. He decides to leave all of his worldly possessions and travel to Borneo on a shoestring. He gets more than he bargains for traveling through a strange land that was the recent jungle home of headhunters, giant hornets and questionable water quality. This book is also filled with adventure, humor and a story that really defines who Dan is, and shows the depth of his desire to learn more about these birds.
If you are the kind of person that can’t wait until Christmas to open your presents, or would rather eat dessert before your main course, then get “Adventure in Borneo” first, and find out about what really drives Dan in “Obsession Called Pheasant” afterword. If you like logical procession, then read “Obsession” first and “Adventure” next. I feel that after you read both of these books you will have a greater appreciation for the feathers that we are so fortunate to have available for “our” obsession. If not for the dedicated breeders and people like Dan we’d be left tying some awfully dull flies, and the future of these birds in the wild
would be even more dire.
These books would also make great gifts for your fellow tier, bird lover or traveler.
As a child Dan became enchanted with Pheasants, and his passion for the
birds only increased as he grew older.  Following his heart, he took advantage
of every opportunity he was given to work with affluent Pheasant breeders
throughout the United States. 
While humorous and entertaining, there is a much deeper message in this
true story about Dan's initiation into the world of exotic and rare Pheasants. 
Ultimately, money, intrigue, love, tragedy, and loss, will bring Dan to a
life-changing decision driven by his obsession with the well-being
of these rare creatures.  
Single copy price is $24.95 plus $2.95 Shipping
FREE Shipping on any two or more books
ISBN:  978-0-9817001-1-3
Format:  Paperback, 208pp
Publisher:  Pheasant Tale Productions
Publication Date:  April 2011
Book Size:  8.5 by 5.5
Weight:  10.5 ounces
Story by Daniel James
Written by Jolan Durrah
For more information, or to order an autographed copy with a
FREE Feather Bookmark,
contact the publisher:
Pheasant Tale Productions
P.O. Box 73
Skamokawa, WA 98647
2012 Next Generation INDIE Finalist:  Biography
2011 National Best Books Finalist: Animals/Pets:  Novelty
Both books are also available from:
REDMEN HALL,  Skamokawa, Washington
  TSUGA GALLERY, Cathlamet, Washington 
TIME ENOUGH BOOKS, Ilwaco, Washington
LUCY'S BOOK'S, Astoria, Oregon
                                                   DAEDALUS BOOKS,  Portland, Oregon
POWELL'S BOOKS on Burnside and on Hawthorne,  Portland, Oregon
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Book Review by Aaron M. Ostoj
Obsessions….. I have one. It happens to be tying full dress atlantic salmon flies. This obsession enters into every part of my life. If it wasn’t for the obsession, I wouldn’t be writing this. It affects my spare time, time spent with family and friends, my work and even how I spend my money. That’s what obsessions do,
 they rule your life.
That’s why I was drawn to these books. “An Obsession Called Pheasant”, by Jolan Durrah is about a man with an obsession. The main character of the book is Dan, who even from a young age was captivated with pheasants. They became part of who he is, and Dan was driven to all parts of the country to be with them. The book is about his personal odyssey , and how they became an obsession for him. Sprinkled with good doses of humor, it explains who Dan is, how he became obsessed with pheasants, and especially one breed of them. It is an easy read, and anyone that ties these flies should be able to relate to Dan’s desire to learn as much as he can about these amazing birds. The book gives you the background information about Dan before his big adventure. It deals with the “why?” that causes Dan to leave everything he knows and travel to Borneo in search of the Bornean Peacock Pheasant.
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