Buy A Kids Bike

buy a kids bike
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buy a kids bike - Diamondback Kids'
Diamondback Kids' Mini Viper BMX Bike
Diamondback Kids' Mini Viper BMX Bike
BMX bikes aren't just for big kids anymore. The Diamondback Mini Viper is the perfect way to get your little one on the road (albiet dirt) to BMX glory. And, just in case your tyke needs some help staying upright, the Mini Viper comes with training wheels for balance.

Give your kid the gift of BMX racing performance without breaking the bank with the Diamondback Mini Viper 16-inch BMX bike. The Mini Viper is built using the same basic geometry as the full-size Diamondback Viper, but in a compact frame meant for kids just learning to ride. The Mini Viper is equipped with such high-quality features as a Hi-Ten steel frame and fork, 28-spoke aluminum wheels, a Diamondback padded seat, and mini BMX grips. In addition, the bike includes a set of training wheels to help your son or daughter get up to speed.
Geometry: 72-degree head tube, 70-degree seat tube, 15.25-inch top tube, and 12.25-inch chain stay
Frame: Hi-Ten steel
Fork: Hi-Ten steel
Headset: 1-inch threaded
Handlebar: Hi-Ten steel 2-piece, 20 inches wide by 6.5-inch rise
Grips: Mini BMX
Stem: 1-inch quill steel base with alloy clamp
Brakes: Coaster
Brake levers: N/A
Cranks: 115mm steel, 1-piece
Sprocket: 36t steel
BB: Loose ball
Pedals: Resin platform
Rims: 28H aluminum, 30mm wide, anodized black
Hubs: 28H steel shell with 3/8-inch axle (front); 28H steel shell with coaster brake and 3/8-inch axle (rear)
Chain: KMC Z410, 1/2 by 1/8
Freewheel: 18t cog
Tires: Comp III style, 16 x 1.75
Spokes: 14g
Seat: DB BMX padded
Seatpost: Steel pillar
Extras: Training wheels, owner's manual

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Steung Meachey, Cambodia - Buying, Meeting, Eating...such busy 3 days
Steung Meachey, Cambodia - Buying, Meeting, Eating...such busy 3 days
I have never been so busy before. From plane touched down to returning home, so many things happened in such short period. Thank you for 2 very kind sponsors who donated 6 bicycles for the kids. The kids were overjoyed with their new bicycles and now they can ride to school daily. Also, thank you for the sponsor who kindly donated a meal for all the parents and the kids. I think we occupied the whole restaurant..haha. I am also glad to have Mr. Jerry to sponsor Panyah for all his schooling and monthly expenses. He is someone whom I seek a lot of advices from in international volunteering and child protection. Also thank to Mr. Yeow and Mr. Allan who are sponsoring Sau and Lihu respectively. Your kind gestures are so much appreciated. For the short 4 months, we managed to help 14 children and this will not be possible without the sponsors help and love. On behalf of the children and parents I would like to salute you for your sacrifice. It was also the first time I met all the parents. We have a short 40 mins meeting with Ms Panny as my translator. The meeting ended with a delicious dinner in a local restaurant. The next day, we have more meetings and feedback sessions. I find it very fulfilling as parents participated and openly shared about their family issues. I promised to have regular monthly meeting with them to give them the moral support. They are strong mothers and fathers. Salute!
New bike!
New bike!
This is the first bike I've ever bought with my own money. The last bike I owned was a Schwinn dirt bike with coaster brakes, which I didn't ride at all after I was 15 or 16. I loved riding my bike as a kid, and I didn't realize how I missed it over the past 20-odd years. My good friend Ed has been trying to get me to ride for a while, and was kind enough to loan me a mountain bike last year. That convinced me to get a bike this spring, and I'm in Ed's debt. Thank you, kind sir. I test-rode a couple bikes yesterday, then went home to think about it. I went back about five hours later and came home with this. The Buzz V seems like a good starter bike, and I can always swap out to higher quality components if necessary. I've already cruised around the neighborhood last night and went to Shadyside this morning. Be careful out there, folks! I still don't have a great deal of experience with changing gears or hand brakes.

buy a kids bike
buy a kids bike
Kazam Balance Bike (Red)
Kazam balance bike uses the "Balance first, Pedal next" approach to learning how to ride a traditional bike. It's all about balance not training wheels or pedals. The Kazam bike is uniquely designed with a foot reat for feet placement and proper balance; and maintaining center of gravity similar to riding a traditional bicycle. Compact in size this rich red bike's 33 x 22.5" frame has an adjustable seat to grow with your child. The quick release seat adjustment makes it easy to alter for other children and its air inflated tires help make for a smooth ride.