There is an ever expanding range of increasingly sophisticated electronic equipment available for commercial vehicles

Reversing Cameras

This sophisticated system uses a compact digital video camera to display a real-time image on a flat screen in the cab of the vehicle. This system is particularly useful when vehicles need to be accurately manoeuvred for example through narrow entrances or accurately positioned relative to a loading dock or ramp.

Multi-channel systems are also available which allow the user to switch between several cameras mounted around or inside the vehicle. This allows multiple fields of view and can also be used to monitor loads inside the van.

Video cameras can also be used as an effective substitute for rear-view mirrors for normal road use.

Black and white, colour and night-vision systems are available in a range of resolutions and screen sizes with cabled or wireless transmission.

Keyless Running Systems

Allows you to keep your vehicle's engine running to charge batteries and run equipment with the keys removed. Releasing the handbrake immediately cuts the ignition and the engine cannot be restarted without the keys, making it impossible for opportunist thieves to drive the vehicle away.

Reversing Sensors

Unfortunately rear damage to vans is a common and expensive problem. Manoeuvring and parking large vans is always a tricky task, especially in confined areas with potential obstructions. Often internal bulkheads and loads severely restrict the view directly behind the vehicle, making it hard to spot obstructions directly behind.

Reversing sensors are a simple solution to this problem. As series of ultrasonic sensors fitted in the rear bumper become active when reverse gear is selected and emit a warning tone when an obstruction is detected to the rear, the beeps become more rapid as the rear of the vehicle moves closer to the obstruction.

Vehicle Tracking

We are authorised agents for Tracker vehicle recovery systems. The only system in the UK to use VHF tracking which unlike GPS or Mobile Phone (GSM) based systems is immune to the jamming devices increasingly used by professional thieves and the only system monitored directly by all UK police forces, with tracker receiver units fitted to police vehicles throughout the country.

Reversing Alarms

An audible warning when reverse gear is selected is a valuable safety feature especially when operating in busy yards and depots.


Hands-free operation of phones and other mobile devices.