Electrical systems

We supply and fit a comprehensive range of electrical products and systems in both low voltage DC and 110V and 230V mains power.

All mains electrical systems are inspected and independently certified to the latest safety standards


Interior lights

Our standard interior light is a CEN approved ambulance light which provide good quality, even lighting in a compact and energy efficient package. A range of other styles are available to suit other applications such as internal lighting for racking.

As well as self contained units we can build custom installations including strip, spot and tape type emitters for specific applications.


This compact LED worklight delivers 3000 lumens from a 112/24V supply and features a waterproof connector for permenant exterior installation.

Warning Lights

We have a large range of beacons and lightbars available inluding :

  • beacons
  • lightbars
  • dashlights
  • grille lights
  • sirens and reversing alarms

Vehicle Electrical Systems

Many basic accesssories can be powered fom the vehicle's own battery, either on an independant circuit or slaved to the existing interior lights. For more demanding applications we can design and install a variety of high capacity systems including auxilliary batteries, generators and external power hook-ups.


Inverters are ideal for low to moderate power consumption up to about 1.5kW. For systems with greater power requirements generators may be a more practical and economical solution. However high power inverters are available for applications where generators are impractical.

Auxiliary batteries can provide much more capacity than a vehicle battery alone. Standard automotive batteries are designed to be constantly topped up and high drain applications can considerably shorten their life as well as running the risk of immobilising the vehicle by flattening the battery. We use deep cycle batteries as standard for our auxiliary battery systems. Split charge systems allow them to be charged from the alternator without putting any extra load on the vehicle battery.

For the most demanding applications we can also supply battery conditioning systems which actively monitor the charge state of the battery bank, balance the load across multiple batteries and provide controlled charging currents to extract the best possible life and performance from the system.

When specifying auxiliary battery systems several factors need to be considered including, average and peak loads, recharging times, initial costs and expected life of the system. In many cases specifying a system with spare capacity can significantly improve its reliability and life expectancy, reducing overall costs in the long term. By considering your likely power requirements and usage patterns we can recommend the most economical and reliable system for your intended application.


Ideal for high power requirements in remote locations. Eliminates the need for recharging and tends to be more economical and practical where a lot of power is required over a long period and opportunities for recharging are limited.

Our generator installations include exhaust ducting, ventilation, thermal insulation and guards to allow them to be safely used inside a vehicle. We can also fit partitions and sound insulation to reduce noise levels.

It is very important that generators used in vehicles have an output which can be properly earthed and is compatible with RCD devices, not all generator types are safe for use in vehicles, for this reason we recommend consulting us before specifying a generator for your van.

We can also install safe and secure fuel storage to the latest safety standards.

External link-up

If a nearby source of mains power is available this is usually the simplest and most effective solution. The vehicle is fitted with a weatherproof external socket which can be plugged into a 16A extension lead, powering electrical systems on the van via a consumer unit. An external power socket can also be a useful backup for generator or inverter systems. Multiple systems can be fitted in parallel for high power consumption applications. For long cable runs we can supply extra heavy duty link-up cables and extensions.

240V installations are based on a consumer unit with circuit breaker and RCD protection.

External link-ups can also be used to supply a vehicle with power from an external generator or to fast charge high capacity auxilliary battery systems.

All 240V systems are individually inspected and independantly certified to the latest electrical safety standards.