5/17/2013 Interview on NPR on Chinese Cyber Theft

7/11/2012Interview on John Batchelor Show in Chinese cyber espionage

3/28/12       Interview with Radio New Zealand on Huawei and security concerns

3/13/12       Interview on AARP-Radio on Advantage  

1/23/2012   Interview with An Phung on Big Think on Chinese hacking
11/3/2011   In conversation with Alan Chartock on WAMC.
9/15/11   Cyberwar with Garland Robinette on The Think Tank, WLL New Orleans

9/8/11  Competition with China and India on Utah Public Radio.

8/31/11 Byzantine Hades and other cyber attacks on the US on the
John Batchelor Show

6/21/11 Talking about US-China relations and cybersecurity on Marketplace.

5/23/11 On Marketplace talking abut US Cyberspace strategy

5/3/11 I was on Kojo Nnamdi talking about American competitiveness

1/10/11 I was on The Leonard Lopate Show talking about Advantage

1/4/11           Podcast of me talking about Advantage with's Jayshree Bajoria. You can listen to it here.

11/30/10 Conversation with Steve Scher on China, Foreign Policy, and the US Economy on KUOW's Weekday
 9/22/10 Conversation about cyberwar, with Jim Lewis of CSIS and NPR’s Tom Gjelten on AirTalk with Larry Mantle

 6/29/10 On Marketplace talking about Google and China    
On Marketplace talking about China and earthquake
The Take Away on Google leaving China


 PRI and WNYC's The Take Away on Google and China

6/5/13 Bloomberg TV: Obama, Xi, and Cyber

7/21/12 CNBC Cyber Espionage: The Chinese Threat (at 19:00)

Will China Stop Hacking Anytime Soon?

China's Innovation Wall


Conversation with History, host Harry Kreisler

Conversation with History

 11/1/10   Discussion at Asia Society with McKinsey's Gordon Orr about whether China can establish itself as an Asian hub for innovation. 


Digital Age: The Future of Cyberwar

1/28/10                    WorldFocus on PBS: Obama and China

1/14/10                    Bloomberg TV: China and Google


            3/21/13Quoted on CNN about cyber attacks on South Korea

            3/20/13Quoted in New York Times about cyber attacks on South Korea
12/7/12Quoted in The Guardian about surveillance and Chinese social app

 8/14/12Interview with eWeek about US-China cybersecurity discussions

 7/25/12   Interview in The New Yorker about Advantage, and Chinese cyber

7/9/12  CNBC on Chinese cyber espionage

 6/13/12Evan Osnos of The New Yorker quotes me on his blog about Huawei and other Chines technology companies

 6/12/12Quoted in The Hill about cyber attacks on Iran

5/1/12    Quoted on Law.Com about selling technology to repressive regimes

 3/29/12    Quoted in China Economic Review on Chinese hacking

 3/15/12Quoted in New York Times article on US technology companies selling surveillance equipment to Chinese government

 2/22/12Quoted in Washington Post story on Apple's iPad trademark dispute in China 

 11/4/11    Advantage is referenced in Wall Street Journal article about rise of China

 11/1/11    Quoted in Wall Street Journal about London Cyber Conference

10/9/11Quoted in The Hill about cybersecurity policy

 9/27/11Huntington Post quotes from Asia Unbound post about Chinese views of cyberspace

      8/21/11        The Telegraph (UK) quotes my testimony to the US-China Security Review Commission about limits of top-down approach to innovation

 8/16/11Danish magazine Atlas has some quotes about cyber war
     7/28/11     Quoted in Fortune on Chinese telecom Huawei and cybersecurity

            7/13/11Interview with Fast Company on Chinese hacking

5/5/11Quoted by Reuters on Chinese innovation

 4/29/11Advantage mentioned in The Economist

 4/4/11  Interview in Strategy+Business on Advantage

           2/17/11Interview on Voice of America about Advantage, Is US Losing Innovation Race against China and India?

  1/21/11     Article on Advantage in Fast Company

      12/8/10         Quoted by the AFP on Wikileaks

  12/8/10 Quoted in the Guardian on Wikileaks and cyberwar

        11/10/10         Quoted in the Wall Street Journal ($) about Chinese telecom companies and US cybersecurity

   11/1/10Quoted on about China's rise as a science power

              9/21/10   Quoted in Wall Street Journal about Israeli R&D investment in China.
              7/9/10Quoted on Reuters about China's Internet
              11/20/08 Quoted in The Economist ($) about Asia and technological innovation