Why furnace cleaning

Furnace cleaning

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Furnace cleaning is an important task. If you want your furnace work efficiently for a long period, you need to keep it clean. It would not be wrong to say that dirt is the biggest enemy of furnaces. It affects the filter, the blower and the blower motor of furnace badly. As these three are the basic components of the furnace, dirt can hinder their working. Therefore, furnace cleaning is an important part of the regular maintenance of your household products.

How much should a furnace cleaning cost?

Furnaces are of different types. Gas furnace, oil furnace and wood furnace are the three main types. When it comes to the price of furnace cleaning, it varies. Different furnace cleaning and maintenance companies offer different rates for the cleaning of your furnace. The price of a gas furnace is comparatively less than oil furnace, while the price of wood furnace is even less than a gas furnace. 

Apart from the type of furnace, some cleaning and maintenance companies might include the travel charges while others also charge for petty repairs separately. Different companies have different service and labor charges as well. Before going for furnace cleaning, it is better to visit 2 – 3 different companies and get a good estimate.

At a minimum, furnace cleaning can cost $50 to $60. At maximum, furnace cleaning can cost $800 to $900. On average, furnace cleaning costs between $150 and $400.

Influential factors:

There are several factors that affect the cost of furnace cleaning. Two of the most important factors are the warranty of the furnace and the overall condition of the furnace.

Warranty plays an important role in calculating the cost of furnace cleaning. If your furnace has still not completed its warranty period, it costs less to clean. However, if your furnace is 5 to 10 years old, many of its parts might are already replaced. Cleaning replaced and repaired parts takes more effort. So, if the warranty is over, the cleaning cost increases. 

Overall condition of the furnace is another important factor. Maybe your furnace works all the year, or maybe it works 24/7 in the winter season. Overuse of furnaces leads to more dirt and debris that gets collected in its working parts. On the other hand, if your furnace is covered in a good way to keep dirt away, furnace remains in good condition. And so, it takes less for cleaning considering its good condition and performance. 

In this way, the cleaning cost varies. As mentioned, it should take between $150 and $400 on average. If it takes more than average due to its poor condition, it is good to get a new furnace. As it would require cleaning after every month, replacing it can be a better and cost-effective option.

Should I get my furnace cleaned?

This is one of the basic questions that many people ask. As discussed above, furnace cleaning is necessary to keep it going. It must be cleaned every season before use. As for the precautionary measure, it would be healthy to get it cleaned every six months. Here, we are talking about the furnace cleaning by furnace cleaning and maintenance companies. When it comes to furnace cleaning by one’s self, it is not a difficult task either. It takes half an hour to clean your furnace yourself. On your own, you should clean your surface every month. It ensures good and efficient performance.

Furthermore, there are several reasons due to which you should get your furnace cleaned. The significant ones of them are:

To save your furnace from wear and tear

Despite the good quality and well-reputed brand name, the furnace starts showing wear and tear if not taken care of. When dirt and debris keep collecting inside, and on the furnace, the exterior shows signs of wear and tear. As all mechanical systems require cleaning and maintenance, the furnace is no exception.

Repairs of different parts of the furnace can cost up to $2000. Even after repairs, it does not work in the same efficient way. Therefore, it is good to get your furnace cleaned rather than spending more on repair and still not getting a satisfactory performance.

Dirty filters add to utility bills

Utility bills increase when your furnace has to work harder. And, your furnace needs to work harder when the filters are dirty. Dirty filters reduce the flow of air. So, it takes more time and energy to maintain the desired temperature. If the desired temperature is not maintained, a furnace cannot function properly.

Therefore, it is better to spend on cleaning and maintenance rather than paying extra electricity charges. Electricity charges will be heavier on your pocket than cleaning charges. It is also a good option to replace your filters when they get much polluted.

Thermostat repairs are costly

Due to dirt in the furnace, wiring and fuse can also be affected. Any fault in wiring has a direct impact on the thermostat. If your thermostat goes wrong due to any of the problem caused by dirt, it needs to be repaired. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that thermostat repair costs are very high, ranging between $250 and $300. Most of the times, they can be even higher than cleaning and maintenance costs.

It is better to spend on furnace cleaning than thermostat repairing.

To avoid screaming of your furnace

When the dirt gets stuck in your furnace, especially in the blower motor, it starts giving off loud voices. The filter and blower also start screaming if they are polluted by dirt. Any sensible person would not want such a noise in the house or office. To avoid screaming of your furnace, it is important to get it cleaned.


Furnace cleaning should be a regular duty. It is not wise to keep on delaying your furnace cleaning. It leads to spending more on the repairs and fixes later on. To avoid any troubles, wear and tear loud noise, and expensive repairs, do not compromise on your furnace cleaning at all.