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Furnace Services Calgary


Winters can be really scary especially with the kind of climate change we are facing. You can have a bright and sunny day at one end and a cloudy snow flaked day on the other. If your furnace suddenly stops working in a situation like this, it’s surely going to cause more than a few problems.

For starters, your home may not remain as cozy as you thought. Imagine coming back to your home and suddenly realizing it is just as cold as it is outside. That’s an instant recipe for getting you sick. Obviously, you’re going to need emergency service from a furnace maintenance company.

24/7 Emergency Service:

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We are available throughout the day to help you out. Simply call us at Heating & Cooling Pros Alberta for us to make sure your furnace issue can be rectified. Our technicians are properly trained for any and all circumstances so you can stay content that our service will be top notch.

About Maintaining, Cleaning and Inspection:

Did you know that your furnace has quite a lot of parts that need cleaning and proper inspection? A  yearly maintenance check can greatly reduce the chances of malfunction during a time you’ll need your furnace the most.

Heating & Cooling Pros Alberta will ensure your furnace is working properly without delay. Our technicians are always on standby and will ensure your furnaces heating and venting system operate properly. Any faults in the system will be corrected so it can run smoothly the rest of the year. This includes the freezing temperatures of winter. You will have to worry no more about your furnace stopping at a crucial moment in time.

Furnace and heating experts suggest that you get an inspection and maintenance done two times a year. This goes on to help reduce the bills because the machine runs more efficiently as if it were brand new.

The benefits that can come from getting a Heating & Cooling Pros Maintenance include

Our Repair System:

Our factory-trained technicians are trained to repair almost anything possible. Maintenance of machines such as any gas furnaces or similar models like gas fireplaces and boilers are all categories in which we work in. A gas furnace is a complex piece of equipment. Only an expert can see the difference between a ‘red flag’ in the system or if it is working properly. People usually assume that if the system is giving heat, it is working.

A proper repair of the system can make the difference between a broken machine and a working one. Some cases of furnaces blowing up have also been reported because there is so much tar stuck in the vents. A good scrub can ensure there is no hindrance to the CO2 that comes out. Don’t let minor symptoms because they often become an emergency that can put your family to harm.

Any Protection Plans?

Repair services are simple and may not be adequate to your need. This is why we offer comprehensive protection plans to keep our customers happy throughout the winter. These affordable protection plans feature a variety of services ranging from a fast emergency service response time, furnace maintenance, cleaning to a house-vide inspection. This keeps the system running at the highest efficiency possible.

For a low monthly rate, our protection plan offers free parts. It also offers free labor coverage if you suddenly find yourself in a pickle.