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Furnaces are an essential part of houses in cold regions. Small gas and electric heaters are not enough to warm up the house in countries like Canada and Russia. That’s why people living in such countries look for devices that can warm their house efficiently.

A city like Calgary in Canada has unpredictable and harsh weather that needs convenient HVAC systems installed in the residential houses as well as in commercial places.


Why do you need a furnace?

As we’ve mentioned before, installing a furnace in your house can make your daily life easier. It creates enough heat to keep your place warm amidst the harsh winter.










How much is a new furnace in Calgary? 

The price range for a new furnace in Calgary is $3000- $6000. The price if a furnace depends on the following factors:

·        Brand of your Furnace unit:

If you are buying a furnace from an esteemed brand, then the price will probably reach $6000. Known brands have reviews and ratings to back up their claims, so they tend to price their products heavily.

·        Warranty:

There are two types of warranties that are a brand warranty or retail warranty. One is provided by the manufacturer, and the other is provided by the shop you are buying it from.

The price of your furnace depends on the kind of warranty you will get for yourself. Moreover, these warranties include repair services too. 

Simply put, if you buy a furnace with long term warranty along with an extended warranty, then you’ll be paying more than just $6000.

·        Features of the furnace:

You’ll need to pay a hefty amount of money to buy a furnace with advanced features. It is likely that the more the brand offers, the more it will ask in return.

·        Installation service for your furnace:

Manufacturers and retailers have a vague system for installation. Sometimes they offer it for free, but sometimes they will charge you for this service.


It is important to note that when they don’t charge you for this service, your furnace will be costly. It is safe to assume that most of the time; charges of installation services are included in the furnace's price.

Simply put, if you expect more features and additional services in your furnace then be prepared to spend lavishly. You can buy a furnace at $3000, but you won't be satisfied with its quality.

How often does a furnace need to be replaced?

As we have told you earlier, furnaces are expensive. You can’t just a buy a furnace every year as it will be a waste of money as well as your time.

Usually, when people buy furnaces, it means they are aiming for a long term investment. But there will come a time when you will have to give up on your furnace and replace it.

Following are the few signs that will tell you, when is the appropriate time to replace your furnace:

·        Your spending more on the repairs:

It will be wise to replace your furnace when you are spending more money on its repairs than you ever did before. Furthermore, the frequency of repairs has also increased.

Evidently, the frequency of your furnace's repairs will make you suffer financially. After all, how efficient a broken furnace can be?


·        Your furnace has reached its expiration date:

We have talked about the warranty of a furnace and how it offers repair services.

Aside from that, the warranty can also be considered as an approx — expiration date for your furnace. Just add a few more years, and you'll know when your furnace will start troubling you.

For example, if the warranty is for 10 years, then your furnace can perform for more or less 15 years.

The observed expiration date for a furnace is around 18 to 20 years.

There are other factors that effect the expiration date of your furnace namely how much you took care of its repairs in the early years. Maintenance is a key factor to determine your furnace's life expectancy.

·        Your energy bills have increased drastically:


If your energy bill has drastically increased in those months when you use your furnace that means your furnace is not working properly.

There can be many reasons for it's a heating system to fail you. It is important that you keep an eye on your energy bills and compare them with past month’s bills.

Increase in energy bills means your furnace isn't working efficiently and needs to be repaired. If the problem persists, then replacing your furnace is the only choice you have.

You need to weigh in all the above factors before deciding on whether you want to replace your furnace or not. If buying a furnace is estimated to be more costly than the repairs then you shouldn’t replace it but if it’s the opposite then replace your furnace immediately.

Buy a new furnace:

furnace repairs photos

Once you've decided that you want a new furnace, then you should look for a new and efficient furnace. You can choose to buy the model that you were using, but it must be outdated now.

Markets are filled with new and improved furnaces so you should look through them to find the best furnace for yourself.

Following are the few things you must do before buying a new furnace:

·        Research about the model:

The endless features might confuse you so you must know what kind of features you want in your furnace.  Don't forget to check the furnace licenses and certifications.

·        Read reviews & ratings:

New Calgary furnace

Customer reviews can help you judge a brand and model. More positive reviews mean that customers are satisfied with the furnace.

·        Compare the prices:

Though we've given you an estimated price range after observing the market, you must compare the prices of different models.

Check what kind of features different brands are offering in a certain range of price.


It is apparent that buying a new furnace is no easy feat and you need a hefty amount of money for that. Then, it’s a good thing that you don’t need to replace your furnace often!