The Importance of Furnace Cleaning & Maintenance

Furnace cleaning is important since it eliminates the probability of infectious environment in your home interiors and keeps the air hygienic. Circulation of oxygenated air can avoid health problems for people with asthma and other breathing related issues. Furnace cleaning also keeps all forms of allergens away from the home interiors. It reduces the probability of mold and mildew growth by keeping the air free from excess of heat, humidity, and dampness.

Preventive furnace maintenance can improve performance and efficiency. It optimizes fuel and power consumption to reduce energy bills. The probability of furnace breakdown decreases considerably. A properly maintained furnace can work for a longer time since the durability factors get enhanced significantly.

Furnace Cleaning –Key Benefits

Your furnace may be driven by electric power, gas, oil, or wood. It may be a centralized system located at the basement. It could be wall mounted, floor top, or other types of heating system. The furnace may work by heating water or air. Regardless of the type and size, it requires frequent cleaning.

Cleaning Your Gas Fired Furnace

Combustion Chamber: Your first task is to clean the combustion chamber. It is where most of the soot, polluted air, and debris get accumulated. An unclean combustion chamber can emit carbon monoxide and other poisonous gasses due to the lack of interaction with oxygen. You need to remove the debris and deposits of soot on the interior surface areas.

Air passing through the furnace remains fresh and oxygenated when it circulates within the home interiors. It eliminates the probability of nausea, headache, dizziness, irritation, and blocking of the nose. People with sinusitis problems will find easy to breathe clean air and stay away from frequent formation of mucus within the lungs and nasal cavities.

Interior Surfaces:  next step is to clean the entire internal surface area of the furnace. Here, you can find plenty of dust, soil, dirt, soot, and other forms of contaminants. The interior air is also stale and nauseating. An unclean furnace interior can emit pathogens into the home interior. It can lead to lung, heart, and skin disorders. Frequent cleaning of interiors surface reduces the probability of disorders and keeps your family's health in a balanced condition.

Part Cleaning: Other parts you need to clean are the blower, pilot, filter, flame sensor, brush and filter, burner, and pipes within the furnace. Parts like the blower, burner, and pilot need exterior and interior cleaning. So, you need to disconnect them from the furnace and clean. Then you can reinstall them in their places. You have to make sure of disconnecting the gas supply to the furnace and shut all the valves before starting the cleaning procedure.

Part cleaning improves their performance and reduces waste of fuel. Combustion happens fully and reduces the formation of soot. It can also reduce the probability of internal part overheating due to trapped heat within the pars. Cleaning keeps the components free from rust and corrosion. Hence, their durability factors increase considerably.

Cleaning Your Electric Furnace

An electric furnace may not be prone to an excess of dirt and debris formation in the interiors, but it does attract them to a considerable extent.

You need to clean the interior surface and remove the debris deposits. Using a vacuum can eliminate most of them without a trace. Blower, filter, and other connecting components are the other significant parts to clean. Cleaning eliminates the probability of excess heat and humidity formation within your home interiors. Air and the interiors remain free from pollutants.

Furnace maintenance –Top Benefits

Corrective maintenance is after a breakdown. Preventive maintenance is for reducing the probability of breakdown. Planned periodical maintenance is for improving the performance parameters of the furnace.

Preventive Maintenance: Part failure in a furnace doesn’t happen overnight or abruptly. It displays definite and unique signs of potential breakdown much before it happens. You need to identify the signs and take preventive action.

For example, the furnace may generate unusual noise while working. Parts may get heated up frequently. Energy bills may increase sharply. Water and room heating may be insufficient. When you repair or replace the parts, the furnace‘s working condition may improve considerably.  The ratio of improvement depends on the age of the furnace and the parts.

Replace or Repair: There is a constant debate over choosing between replacement and repair of parts. It is better to consult an expert before taking the decision. If repairing part costs $1 and it breaks down frequently, you may spend $15 for a month. If you replace the part for $10 and it works for one year with no hassles, it is better to choose the replacement option. You can use the similar logic when it comes to choosing repair over replace.

Periodical Maintenance: Change of oil, tightening of screws and bolts, lubrication of parts, checking loose connections, replacement of washers and worn out parts, and soldering of cracks are some of the periodical maintenance tasks. They optimize the fuel consumption and increase parts’ durability.

Periodical maintenance can increase performance efficiency in the long run. Water and space heating happens to the desired extent.

Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance - Safety Factors

Furnace cleaning and maintenance increase the safety factors and reduce the probability of accidents. It keeps your home free from a gas explosion, air poisoning, short circuits, fire, and other risks. You can stay relaxed about the safety of your property and family members.

Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance – Durability Factors

Furnace cleaning and maintenance can increase the lifetime of components and parts. They can work for long hours without being subject to an excess of mechanical stress. They can also deliver higher output during the functioning consistently.

Furnace Cleaning –DIY Vs Professionals

If you are cleaning a small or mid-sized furnace, it could be possible to follow the DIY procedure for basic levels of cleaning. Maintenance could be a complex task, which may require the help of a professional furnace maintenance expert. The same principle applies when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of large scale furnaces. Professional experts can also ensure the complete safety of your property and family.