furnace cleaning and maintenance are different from duct cleaning?

How do furnace cleaning and maintenance are different from duct cleaning?


Many people are confused between a furnace cleaning and duct cleaning. Are they any different from each other? The answer to this question is yes. The reason behind it is the purpose they both serves are different. One thing that you should keep in mind that Inspection of the duct is included in furnace maintenance, but the cleaning of the duct might not be the part of it.

The furnace makes your house more cozy and comfortable even during the extreme winter. So to enjoy the uninterrupted experience of coziness during winters, your furnace might require proper maintenance and cleaning every time before you are going to use them.

On the other hand, the air ducts are allied with your (HVAC) Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning system and aids in circulating the heated or cold air in and out of your rooms.  The HVAC system recirculates the air five to seven times a day which leads to dust, debris, pet dander and other bacteria in your places to be pulled out and stored in air ducts. It means everything that the filter in your Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning system catches will go into this air duct. Moreover, if you have any pets or smokers in your house, you need to get it inspected and cleaned every few years other than that it is not necessary to clean it regularly. They are going to perform well whether you clean them or not for a more extended period.

What is included in Furnace cleaning and maintenance?

Furnace cleaning and maintenance includes different procedures and inspections done by a professional on an annual basis. This cleaning and maintenance ensure the smooth functioning throughout the season and long life of your furnace. This task will also help professionals to figure out any potential damages in the system or wirings that might occur in the future and solve them before they can harm the furnace.

Furnace maintenance includes the following

Inspection of the duct

To make sure that there is no leakage or blockage due to debris.

Gas test

Check for any leakage and its pressure for efficient working

Carbon Monoxide test

To avoid any harmful circumstances due to leakage    

Inspection of electrical connections and wirings

Inspection is done to find out any loose connections and wires and also to fix any worn out or damaged wires to prevent any damages in the future.

Measuring the optimal airflow

The professional will check for the airflow. In some cases, if you are not getting proper airflow, it might be because of debris and other particles stuck in the duct.

Inspection and cleaning of the combustion chamber and heat exchanger

The Inspection is done through the infrared camera which shows clear images and helps in figure out what is needed to be cleaned. The cleaning process is done through brushing and vacuuming.

Cleaning and testing of the blower motor

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It includes removal, cleaning and reinstalling of the blower motor

Testing accuracy

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By checking thermostat and control panel

Such type of maintenance is done by professional may cost you some time and money, but in the long run, you are going to get the furnace with longer life span and uninterrupted performance throughout the winter season.

How often do we need furnace cleaning and maintenance?

Well, it is recommended annually, and you can do this twice a year too. It will reduce the cost of any repair which can occur due to negligence in furnace cleaning and maintenance schedules.

Duct cleaning

As we discussed above that duct inspection is the part of furnace maintenance, but cleaning does not come with it necessarily. The primary reason behind it is that ducts are responsible for collecting debris and other dirt particles from the air in your house and they perform very well for such a more extended period even without cleaning. The only time you need to get it cleaned is when you suspect any moisture or mold. You can quickly check the accessible parts of the duct if you find any problem you can call a professional to handle the rest. On the other hand, the Inspection done with furnace maintenance may help in preventing severe damages and gives you space for a timely solution to the problems like mildew and contamination.

What is included in duct cleaning?

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As we know, for consistent interior comfort experience the duct cleaning is essential but not as frequent as your Furnace cleaning. The air ducts cleaning may cost you some money, but it will lead to efficient billing and little to no repairing cost. Here it is important to note that if you are planning to clean the duct, then it must be carried out with furnace cleaning as you do not want the contaminated air in your house. In case if you are wondering what is included in the air duct cleaning process

It includes

Visual Inspection of the Air Duct

Firstly visual inspection is done by the help of a camera attached to the hose to look for the main problem whether it is mold, debris or contaminations. Also, look for any leakages and blockages.

Cleaning of the furnace

Then the interiors of the furnace are cleansed through specialized vacuums.

Cleaning of supply and return registers

This step includes removing of supply and return registers from walls, ceilings, and floors and then after proper cleaning reinstalling them at their place.

Cleaning of supply and return Duct

With the help of appropriate duct cleaning equipment, the ducts are cleaned, and in case of contamination, these ducts are decontaminated.

Installation of Odor Control products and air filters

After proper cleaning of areas as mentioned above the Odor control products are installed by many professionals which helps to eliminate any odors for up to three to four months.


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Furnace cleaning and duct cleaning are both different things, and both have different schedules to be done. According to NADCA air ducts needs cleaning every four to seven years and furnace cleaning is required to be done once a year.