Furnace Cleaning Calgary

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Dirt is the biggest enemy of your furnace cleaning . It can waste fuel and drastically lower efficiency. Dirt affects all three basic components of your furnace, so cleaning is the most important part of regular maintenance. The three parts of the furnace Cleaning Calgary should be cleaned: the filter system

the blower, and the motor. See More Info Here

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Calgary furnace cleaning season

The furnace cleaning calgary Alberta  filter should be replaced or cleaned at the beginning of the heating season and about once a month during periods of continuous use. To check the filter, take it out and hold it up to the light. If it looks clogged, replace it with a new filter of the same type and size regardless of the length of time it has been used.

Clean blower assembly, belts and pulleys to blower, and motor housing. Cleaning blower is critical if furnace has a squirrel-cage fan, because openings in this type of blower often become clogged with dirt. To clean blower, remove panel that covers filter to gain access to blower or panel on front of furnace. This panel may be slip-fit on hooks or held by series of retaining screws. Access to inside of blower is usually gained by sliding out fan unit, which is held on track by screws. In Calgary its important to clean you furnace often due to the season of dry weather that occus in Calgary alberta  both in Winter and summer.



If power cord to fan assembly is not long enough to permit fan unit to slide all the way out, disconnect cord. Mark wire connections first so you'll be able to reassemble unit correctly. With toothbrush, clean each fan blade and spaces between blades. Then, with vacuum cleaner hose, remove all dirt and debris loosened by brushing. Vacuum belts and pulleys. Wipe motor housing clean to prevent heat buildup in  Furnace motor.


Schedule Regular Duct Cleaning and Furnace Cleaning

It’s best to periodically schedule duct cleaning regardless of whether it appears necessary. This cleaning should be completed at least once every three to five years, according to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Some professionals furnace cleaning in Calgary  recommend that you schedule cleaning every two years or even more often. The ideal frequency depends on various factors, from your geographic region to your respiratory health.


Keep on Top of Furnace Cleaning Calgary

Although the cost of proper air duct cleaning Calgary  can deter some homeowners, professional cleaning is an investment that pays off. Duct cleaning that includes your entire home air system, from the furnace to the air conditioner, can relieve allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions. If you haven’t had your Calgary ducts cleaned recently, make sure to consult with a professional to decide whether cleaning is necessary and identify the schedule that offers the best fit for your home.

How To Lubricate a Furnace Motor 

To keep the motor running cool, make sure it's clean. Most motors are permanently lubricated and sealed by the manufacturer and, therefore, require no further attention. Some motors, however, have covered oil ports above the bearings near the motor shaft.

If the motor has oil ports, it should be lubricated annually. Apply two or three drops of 10-weight non-detergent motor oil (not all-purpose oil) to each port. Do not over lubricate. If the blower shaft has oil ports, it, too, should be lubricated annually, following the same procedure.

How We Clean Your System

Once arriving at your home we assess the system as a whole and develop a plan for effective cleaning (every house is a bit different). We start at each one of the vents, using a combination air pressure and suction, this forces the dirt and dust down a vacuum hose that is putting negative pressure on the entire system. We then continue to air wash the main ducts with the power whip.

With its random pattern and ability to break contaminates loose, it is the most effective method of cleaning ductwork In Calgary Alberta . Now that all the ducts are clean we continue on to the furnace or air handler. It is fully cleaned with compressed air and visually inspected. Dust in the coil or heat exchangers especially today's high-efficiency units significantly reduces efficiency and reliability. Now that the system is clean we offer an optional natural sanitizer. The system is started up before we leave to verify operation.

We use the air whip method to clean the vents and ducts In Calgary Alberta . There are many systems on the market with this name. We don't use the brush system since we feel it is too costly for our customers and does not have significant enough benefits to justify the cost. Our high power truck mounted units are built specifically for duct cleaning, not a carpet cleaning truck that cleans ductwork as well.

Most natural gas furnaces have few operational difficulties. Problems typically involve the pilot light, the thermocouple, or some part of the electrical system.On some gas furnaces and heaters, a plug-type door covers the pilot light assembly. To gain access to the pilot burner, pull the door out of the furnace housing. On other units, remove the panel that covers the pilot and gas burners.

 The pilot light controls, reset buttons, gas valves, and the thermocouple is usually contained in an assembly at the front of the furnace. The furnace limit switch is located on the plenum (main chamber) or main duct junction on the upper housing of the furnace.

 Annual Furnace Cleaning Service

Advanpro Furnace cleaning Calgary is a service that should be performed annually, according to most furnace manufacturers. This is because annual furnace service helps to prevent breakdowns, increase efficiency, and extend your furnace unit’s life. In fact, some manufacturers even require annual furnace cleanings as upkeep on a furnace warranty! To prevent premature break-down of important furnace components and ensure a comfortable winter season, trust Calgary’s heating and cooling contractor: CallAdvanpro Ltd. to clean and tune-up your furnace today!

 Advanpro Furnace Repair  generally recommends that you perform a furnace cleaning in the fall. Though it seems a bit early for heating repair, it helps beat the winter rush that many HVAC contractors face and makes sure all components of your HVAC system are prepared. To further assist in keeping your furnace functioning, furnace filters should be replaced monthly to operate at maximum efficiency. This will save you money in the short term on your energy bills, as well as save you in furnace repair and upkeep costs in the long term. Like most homeowners in Calgary, you probably know that professional air duct cleaning can offer benefits for your home air quality and even your health. However, you might not know how often to schedule cleaning to ensure the best results. At Advanpro Ltd., we have extensive experience keeping air ducts in top condition, and we recommend that you observe the following guidelines to keep your duct system and home air clean.

 There are several common indications that your air ducts could use a thorough cleaning. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, these warning signs include:

  • You can see dust being blown out of the air supply grating.
  • You have reason to believe that mold is growing inside the ductwork.
  • You notice signs of rodents, insects or other pests living in the ductwork.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association also recommends carrying out air duct cleaning if you have recently built a new house, moved into a new home or completed home improvements. Construction can cause dust and other debris to build up in the duct system, while moving into a new house without cleaning the ducts may cause you to miss out on an overdue cleaning.


A furnace is one of the best increments you can have in your home, particularly during the colder months of the year. It warms up your space, making an agreeable, comfortable environment for you and your family. Be that as it may, it’s much the same as whatever other types of equipment, the furnace comes with vitality expenses and they can be high in the event that you are not enthused about how you handle the furnace. When you figure out how to work proficiently, you will wind up sparing a considerable amount of cash while making the most of your warm home. So how much does furnace cleaning cost?

The average furnace cleaning prices for a D-I-Y task is around $10 to $30 in materials. You can D-I-Y the cleaning of a furnace in the event that it is just a simple support undertakings such as replacing the filters or cleaning the vents, yet you need to consider the expense of the materials that you will utilize like the pleated material filters which cost is around $4 to $30 each. This material cost to clean furnace may increment contingent upon the thickness and size of the material. Do-it-yourself

maintenance or D-I-Y task may help in clearing a portion of the dust and debris, however, you truly require an expert cleaner to ensure your framework is genuinely wiped out. However, in the event that you would insist to D-I-Y this matter, the primary thing that you ought to do is to check the indoor regulator to make sure it’s working effectively, then you ought to likewise check and replace the channel, oil the engine and other moving parts, and to clean and debris out your ventilation framework. You can look at the web just in the event that you don’t know how to do such things.

 Like what was said, it best to counsel a specialist when you need to get the best consequence of cleaning a furnace. So how much does furnace cleaning cost when you let the expert do this administration for you? The average furnace cleaning prices are around $70 to $200 or all the more, however, commonly is about $100 to $125, contingent upon the area and the sort of furnace. For an occasion, on the off chance that you are from Pennsylvania, their offer is $89 for the cost to clean furnace, while in the event that you are from Calgary, the average furnace cleaning prices is around $110 for a gas furnace and for the oil furnace you need to pay a measure of $180. In any case, if the specialists discover that you have to supplant the thermal coupler or nozzle for an instance, you ought to add a measure of $50 to $150 to the total cost to clean furnace.

Our well-trained and seasoned technicians in Calgary Alberta  will initially diagnose the cause of your problems and then report the findings to you using a recommended course of action; this includes a quote of total repair costs.  Our recommended solutions will identify the main cause of the issue and provide you the knowledge you need to make a educated decision.  Our goal is to make sure your house comfort system runs reliably and efficiently for as long as possible.  In Calgary Alberta This method is what has helped us build our reputation as a trustworthy and reliable provider of skilled furnace fix from Calgary and surrounding areas.

  We will recommend replacement or repair choices which are in your best interest.  We want to be the company that you and your family trust and may rely on for all of your home comfort requirements.   Contact us when you need us, whether it's  repairs, tune ups, Calgary duct cleaning,  ac installation, furnace setup or humidifier installation we will be there to maintain the clean air circulating in your house or business year-round.