“Workshops boost my skills and help me build connections with other teachers. I have gained confidence in becoming the best science teacher

I can be for my students. Thank you, Advancing Science!”

Upcoming Workshops: 
The Advancing Science teacher training workshop scheduled for Tuesday 10/9/18 is full.
Our next workshop is tentatively planned for October 2019.

Act 48 Hours: 
We can no longer upload Act 48 hours.  Advancing Science can provide a certificate of attendance that you may present to your district administration.  


About Our Workshops: 
The goal of Advancing Science workshops is to provide standards based professional development designed to enhance teacher understanding of science content and provide access to current science methods and equipment. Throughout the workshop day, teachers have the opportunity to network with colleagues from other schools and grade levels. Teachers new to the program are also introduced to principles of Advancing Science and learn how to use the program with students in their classroom.

During each session, teachers are provided with relevant background information, instruction on proper lab technique and use of equipment, and the opportunity to experience the lab activity first hand. After the workshop, teachers have access to borrow the same lab activities and necessary equipment to perform the experiment with students in their own classroom.

Advancing Science workshops are well received by teachers. In post-workshop anonymous surveys, teachers report an average of satisfaction of 98% and enjoy the opportunity to learn about new Advancing Science labs, network with colleagues, and gain access to the program.

Teachers are required to attend a workshop before making use of Advancing Science services. This insures that teachers are comfortable with the equipment they will use in their classroom and know what to expect the day of a science van visit.

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