Advancing Science is the Science Outreach Program from Gettysburg College that began operations in the Fall of 1994. Vans stocked with science equipment visit schools throughout six counties in Pennsylvania. Students in kindergarten through twelfth grade use the equipment to experience science first hand. The vans provide materials not readily available in the school, or supplement existing equipment. The van drivers are trained science teachers available to assist classroom instructors with activities. The program is designed to give students more opportunities to actually do science, rather than observe as passive participants. The goal is to involve students with problem solving and manipulating materials as often as possible in their educational careers. Studies have shown that children lose interest in science over time -- Advancing Science tries to combat that loss, by making science interesting, understandable, and applicable to real life. A tall order, but we are confident these goals are being met. 

Advancing Science is a member of the PA Science in Motion consortium, a network of science outreach programs supported by the PA Department of Education.  The consortium was awarded the 2003 Council of State Governments' National Innovation Award for Effective Government Programs, recognized in 2007 as one of 21 exemplary programs in the Bayer report "Planting the Seeds for a Diverse U.S. STEM Pipeline:  A Compendium of Best Practice K-12 STEM Education Programs", and recognized in 2010 as a model of excellence in science education by the National Lab Skills Symposium.

To learn more about the program, click here to view an overview presentation.  To get involved with the program, teachers and other school district personnel should start with our teacher training section, businesses and other groups interested in supporting the program should visit the EITC section or contact the staff