Welcome to this years 2012 SAE Advanced Class Heavy Lift Cargo Plane homepage!
Throughout this site all information and work can be found properly documented. The goal is to give guidence to future groups who wish to take on the challenge of competing in the Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE, Aero competition.

Project Overview:

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Aero Design® East competition challenges groups of students to design and assemble a lightweight aircraft that, when a payload weight is added to it, can attain flight while abiding by the SAE regulations. For the Advanced Class, the total weight of the plane cannot surpass 55 pounds and the plane must achieve and record a short take-off and landing distance. All participating members of Team 214 are seniors at Stevens Institute of Technology majoring in mechanical engineering with aerospace concentrations. Overall, this entry for the competition also serves the purpose of being a Senior Design Project for the members of Team 214.

Regulations of 2012 Competition:

1. No Lighter-Than-Air or Rotary Wing Aircraft: fixed wing aircraft only
2. Gross Weight Limit: may not exceed 55 pounds with payload and fuel
3. Wing Span Limit: No Limitations
4. Payload Bay limit: No Limitations
5. Engine Requirements: Must be solely powered by internal combustion, reciprocating engines
6. Data Acquisition System (DAS): needed to measure both take-off and landing rollout distance
7. Brakes: All advanced class entries should include a braking system.