What is Advanced World Geography?

Advanced World Geography is a study of our world's people, places, resources, and features and how each is intertwined. 
In other words, students will learn who lives where, what who has, what who needs, who wants what who has, why who wants what who has, where lots of whos live, where few whos live, and why it is that so many and so few whos live where they do. Easy, right.whos live, and why it is that so many and so few whos live where they do. Easy, right.

I wouldn't be much of a geography teacher if I didn't give you directions around my own website now would I?
At the far left is the sidebar.  This allows students to access various items, but the most important one will be the File Cabinet.  I will post notes and other important files for students to access if they miss class.
The right side of the page includes contact info and then lots, and lots, and lots of links with lots, and lots, and lots of information for students to absorb.  


National Geographic:

Map Activities:

Traveler's IQ: Fast-paced, leveled map tests.  What is your traveler's IQ? (The photo quiz is awesome!)
Lizard Point Geo Quizzes: Lots of map tests that can be used to prepare for exams
U.S. GeoQuiz: Multiple U.S. map tutorials and tests, including capitals, regions, landscapes, and much more.  Provided by Sheppardsoftware.com
World GeoQuiz: Sheppardsoftware.com's world map tutorials and tests.  Most are divided by continent
The True Size: Drag countries alongside one another to compare their sizes and to also visualize the Mercator projection's distortions.
External Resources:
CIA Factbook: Provides a wealth of information on every country in the world. Many of these facts are used in class and will be seen on tests.
WorldAtlas.com: Facts on continents and countries, as well as links to other helpful sites
National Geographic:  Games, country descriptions, and articles by winning journalists and photographers
NationMaster: stats about nations, such as richest, fattest, and most murderous. Good times!
Flags of the World: Provides not only pictures of state and national flags, but also information about the history of the flags
Poodwaddle: Stat counters for all sorts of country data