Michael Straumietis

Michael Straumietis Advanced Nutrients is the #1 cannabis fertilizer and supplement company in the world—operating in 92 countries. Since its inception, Advanced Nutrients has brought over 50 firsts to the world of cannabis growing, including ...

• First to create patented engineered hydroponic fertilizer programs.

• First to have Cannabis Grower support both toll-free and online.

• First and only company to offer a 100% performance guarantee.

• First to use hot water manufacturing for superior dissolving of all liquid products.

• First to use multiple stage and element filtering of all products.

• First to use potassium silicate in hydroponics nutrients.

• First Hydroponics Company to use bloom cofactors, and other specialty plant extracts components that stimulate growth to get you bigger yields.

And that's just scratching the surface. The bottom line is that if you've grown or consumed marijuana in the last 30 years you've benefited from something this company has done.

Who is Big Mike Straumietis?

Michael Straumietis (aka "Big Mike") is the man that many know as the founder and CEO of Michael Straumietis Advanced Nutrients, but he is so much more than that. Michael is the driving force behind the research and development at Advanced Nutrients. A plant scientist since childhood he has really spearheaded development of unique scientific processes and systems that are utilized to create Advanced Nutrients original product lines which include both hydroponic hardware and nutrient products that are plant specific for various crops internationally. Mike also started a charity called Holiday Heroes that fed over 20,000 needy people this past Christmas and even organized a political party called Nova Bulgaria which is working to change a corrupt government and give the people of Bulgaria a fighting chance to have a good life.

Michael Straumietis Advanced NutrientsBig Mike Straumietis

Advanced Nutrients hydroponics fertilizers and nutrients are claimed to maximize the potential of cannabis plants. But do they live up to the hype? The truth is that there is actual research confirming Advanced Nutrients fertilizers increase bud weight, THC, and Cannabinoids. The then-only scientific institution authorized to carry out cannabis research in the USA, the Mississippi State University, did the experiment. It was completed by the team of Research Prof. M.A. ElSohly from the Plant & Soil Department at the University. The field experiment’s design was simple and straightforward—to compare the yield and quality of medicinal cannabis grown with the best available hydroponic fertilizers and the fertilizers offered by Advanced Nutrients, specially developed and optimized for your favorite plant. More than a decade ago, when the research was realized, fertilizers used for growing sorghum and corn were considered best for growing cannabis. A plot thousand sq. feet large (about 100 sq. m) was used to grow cannabis with these two types of fertilizers.

Big Mike Advanced Nutrients

Scientists would call this a control group of plants, or a control plot. In order to have a fair comparison, the plants on the control plot received basic fertilizers only, without sophisticated additives. Another plot, the same size as the control plot, would be called the experimental plot. It was sown with cannabis that was fed with the newly developed Advanced Nutrients fertilizers. In order to have a fair comparison, the plants on the experimental plot received basic fertilizers only, and the other received Big Mike Advanced Nutrients. Using Advanced Nutrients’ 2003 second generation of nutrients (important to note, because Advanced Nutrients is currently on its eighth generation of nutrients) the research showed an increase in bud weight by over 21% and THC levels by over 40%, as compared to when using other nutrients. These are the kinds of results growers are achieving when they nourish their plants with Advanced Nutrients