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(Hoope bird)


I've read this story once in a story book, where it foretold most stories about wives of the chosen one and their life. In this story is the love story between the King and his wife Snow Princess. I remembered roughly of the story and how it begin, but I will try my best in remembering it again. This is a true story, happened on this very Earth sometime in the very distant past.

The story started when the Creator have granted gifts to The wise King, whom was a noble King. One of his gift, was to be able to speak the language of animals, and also able to command humans alike as well as djinns. He has commanded them to find rare pearls in the deepest oceans, giving out treasures not known to man, built buildings that is unable to be imaginable by a human thoughts, travels distances in matter of seconds. This is the gift from the creator to him, and The wise King is a very humble servant of the creator. One particular day, there was a certain bird called Hoopoe whom went lost in one evening after given a task by The wise King to find a source of water, and then had to report in to The wise King, the Hoopoe has been wondering in some place and have seen some things, the Hoopoe was scared that he will be punished by The wise King for not following the orders of King and flying circled around in his throne. Animals sometimes does this showing their regret when doing a mistakes to their master. The wise King asked on why he was late, and told that Hoope that he will be punished, unless he gives a valid reason. In panic, the Hoope remembered something (in which as I understood, the creator have given a thought to the Hoopoe) and told The wise King, the Hoopoe said "The wise King, do not punish me.. because I will tell you something of your interest." In the Hoopoe's defense, The wise King is willing to hear the Hoopoe's defense, and the Hoopoe said that in a distant civilization there is a princess that is so beautiful with a strength in army and numbers in people, but their beliefs are praying to the sun, which in The wise King's view is a sign of people whom have not seen the akidah (true way of life).

Listening so, the chosen one said that the Hoopoe is lucky because this piece of information caught his interest and he wanted to deliberate her and her people by marrying with her. The wise King wrote a letter, puts the letter on the bird and told the bird to send this letter to Snow Princess. Upon some time, when the letter has reached the attention of Snow Princess, as she opened the letter as it read..

"In the name of the creator, the most loving and caring, this letter is from me King. Do not ever be arrogant towards me or even considered yourself more than me. Come to me in a peaceful surrender"

She consulted her ministers for advice, and as they are negotiating, they have come to a final decision and replied with a messenger, a man from her civilization was sent as a scout with gold and silvers (seen as a gift / tribute) to see The wise King and the reply said "We have come to give you this token of tribute, if we ever cross any lines." as The wise King replied "That what the creator have gave to me is far better than what He has gave to you, but you feel that you are better with your 'gift'. Return young man to your civilization, and we will come to you with an army in which you will never survive fighting it, and everyone will be sent away from that country of yours (Saba) and will become prisoners that has of no value." In fear, the young man quickly get onto his horse and return back home.

While the counsil were discussing with each other, many of the military officers were backfired and wanted to attack, they said to Snow Princess that their armies were seen strong enough to fight The wise King. Here is where The Snow Princess showed her intelligence, and said to them that a peaceful approach must be found. She then told her counsil of her wishes to see The wise King herself, which opens up many questions to the counsel people. In the end, the elders of the counsel agreed to her wishes, granted that she brings a small army along with her.

Upon leaving her country, The wise King was instantly informed by the creatures of the winds and he was also preparing himself to receive the visit by the Princess. Hence he commands the people, animals and Jinns to form an army, lined up well to show his apparent power given by the creator to the princess. When the princess is halfway there, The wise King asked his most cunning creatures on weather they can do a hard task for him, the first one whom answered was the Ifreet Jinn, and he said "Before you even stand up from your throne, I will bring you whatever you wish." Ifreet being the most smartest among the Jinns, agreed to the task. The wise King wants to take Snow Princess physical castle, and place it beside his. In this event, a man of the books whom stood beside The wise King interrupted and said, "Oh The wise King, I can do such a task in just a blink of an eye" hence that man is one whom is with knowledge. The wise King said to that man to fulfill his wishes, and as he read a few words, the castle where Snow Princess lives now resides beside The wise King's Castle. (In my opinion, the man with knowledge is one whom studies the old books, gifted also by the creator a certain knowledge which is high in level)

When the princess arrived, The wise King greeted her and accompany her to her own castle which he said was his on purpose. When she looked at it, it feels like she knows this castle architectural, and when she enters the castle it feels like dejavu, and looking confused back to The wise King. The King said, "Is it not like your castle?" The princess replied, "Yes it is.. similar like my castle" but she knows inside it is definitely her castle. Even as her emotions were filled with fear and confusement at that moment understanding that man, The wise King. Then as they walked around the castle, He then asked gently to visit his own true castle.

As Snow Princess went inside, she seen that it is very-very beautiful because it is made out pure glass. As she wanted to step in, she sees like a pool of water, and held up her skirt until her beautiful legs can be seen by The wise King. Then when she stepped on the water, it is not water, but actually glass. The wise King said to her "this castle is slippery which is made out of glass".. and Snow Princess among other thing felt ashamed of herself as she has shown a part of her to The wise King, "My God, I have made a grave mistake upon myself, and I now surrender myself to you King and to the creator, the creator of this Universe", she felt very vulnerable that almost like crying, but The wise King was a kind man towards her, and gently held her hands while forgiving her. The wise King then tells her of his interest in marrying such a woman like her, and she accepted the offer as she was amazed by The wise King's ways. When their marriage started is when both civilization were joined up together, and their old beliefs is now embraced with Islam, the true way of life, believing in the One supreme creator.

Snow Princess, is half djinn, whereby her father was a human being and her mother is a djinn. She has the beauty of her mother.

Other Notes:
Please neglect this as a reference in any form as there is a high probability this is NOT part of a hadith sahih