DR. JATINDER SHARMA is graduate from Homoeopathic Medical College Chandigarh and post graduate (M.D) from Baba FARID UNIVERSITY of Health Sciences FARIDKOT, Punjab.
DR. Vandana Sharma is graduate from Lord Mahavera Homoeopathic Medical College Ludhiana and post graduate(M.D) from Baba Farid University of Health Sciences Faridkot Punjab.
Experience: Dr Jatinder Sharma is having more than thirty years experience in Homoeopathy.
Dr Vandana Sharma is having experience of twenty five years in Homoeopathy.


THE PANEL OF DOCTORS :- We have a comprehensive team of doctors specialising in diverse areas of treatments. The doctors include:  
1. Dr. Kuldeep Kaushal
2. Dr. Sukhdev Hundal
3. Dr. Aman Hundal
4. Dr. Subhash Angrish
5. Dr. Amit Chaudhary
6. Dr. Navneet Sirohi


Special Field of Expertise

The following are our areas of special expertise with documented Customer Satisfaction Rate (CSR) mentioned against each category:

1. Dengue and other viral fevers with CSR as high as 95 per cent.
2. Cancer- All types of Cancer cases of all stages (including malignancies) with CSR as high as 95 per cent.
3. Kidney disease- All types of kidney diseases  with CSR as high as 80 per cent.

4. Gangrene- All type of gangrene cases with CSR as high as 90 per cent.

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