C&C Rules Expansions / Additions

This 3-page C&C character sheet has sections added to it for these Advanced C&C rules, as well as some Combat Maneuver notations from the Castle Keeper's Guide.
This link provides some additional rules and rule clarifications that can be used with any by-the-book, or Advanced C&C game.  Some of the rules covered are 0-level characters, called shots (with head shots!), tripping attempts, level drain, and more.

The Add-A-Class rules are a different multi-classing system for your Advanced C&C games.  Here, as the character advances in experience level they can add a different class as they go instead of choosing their multi-class at 1st level.  This multi-classing system is complex and lengthy when compared to standard C&C rules, but comprehensive.

This link includes the rules for dwarves, elves and halflings as their own classes (in addition to being used as standard classes in the C&C game).  These works were inspired by the Mentzer Basic D&D rules, but are tailored-fit for Castles & Crusades.
A skill system for the C&C game that is an amalgam of AD&D 2nd Edition proficiencies and the d20 SRD skills.  This system is appropriately modified to use the official C&C Siege Engine mechanic.
This system closely resembles the secondary skill system found in the original AD&D game, though it is a bit more expansive and covers a greater range of proficiencies.

For characters who want to be a little bit better (or even vastly improved) at the weapons they wield, this weapon mastery system has been developed.  This was inspired by the Mentzer Basic D&D Weapon Mastery rules, but are much broader.  Multiple different types of weapon mastery abilities can be added to a character's weapon proficiency.  However, this system adds a significant amount of complexity, dice rolling and power when compared to standard C&C rules and characters.

TALENTS (also known as Advantages)
For players who demand a bit more mechanical diversity to their characters, this talent system has been developed.  Talents are the equivalent of feats in d20 fantasy roleplaying or Advantages in the Castle Keeper's Guide.  While remaining true to the low-impact style of C&C mechanics, this system does not get bogged down with the bloat of hundreds of feats other game systems use.  These talents are designed to customize characters without limiting the potential to perform whatever actions the CK deems appropriate.

A system of rolling up character attributes that remains true to good ole' 3d6 generation styles, but provides diversity and a better range of attributes from which to base a character on.  This matrix is also found on page 3 of the advanced C&C character sheets located here.

These are compiled and expanded lists based on the equipment found in the AD&D 2nd Edition Player's Handbook, 7th printing of the C&C Player's Handbook and the Castle Keeper's Guide.
Compiled and expanded rules for adding a little bit more depth to your characters.  Starting age, weight, and height are included as well as rules for aging, generating your character's Beauty score, Luck Points and Fate Points.
Compiled combat rules from the C&C Player's Handbook, and the Castle Keeper's Guide, plus additional new rules for critical hits, tripping, and more.  These rules are expanded and clarified to give you clear combat options and tactical rules for your C&C games.
Additional recycled and new divine spells, domains, and a host of new items and rules for clerics in your Castles & Crusades games.

This project isn't much right now.  Soon there will be more spells, spell-casting classes, and all things related to the arcane.  So far this document contains  completed rules for a wizard's personal arcane items, and a partially written/untested sorcerer class.  More to come.
This document details corrected, and expanded versions of the advantages found in the C&C Castle Keeper's Guide. Extraneous and faulty advantages have been removed.  Also included are a handful of brand new advantages for use with your Castles & Crusades or Advanced Castles & Crusades games.

A complete, and somewhat expanded version of the C&C attribute bonus chart.  Clarifications are added, and expanded where needed.  Combines the attribute bonus charts from the Player's Handbook and the Castle Keeper's Guide.

New and expanded races, including racial variants to add to your C&C games.

New training options and opportunities for characters as they advance levels of experience.

Edible fungi, minerals, herbal remedies and other natural concoctions for your C&C games.  Included are advanced, and more detailed crafting rules for these substances.

Over 500 new magic items for your C&C games.  These particular magic items are based on the treasures found in the True Dungeon LIVE D&D Experience, found at GenCon and GameHole Con.  Be aware, many of these types of magic items enhance the attributes and mechanical effects/statistics of the characters, making them very powerful!  Use with caution.

Detailed crafting and creation rules for mundane, expert, greater expert, and master-crafted items.  Plus many new materials from which to craft your items.

HERITAGE SPELLS - Coming Soon...
New spell magic based on the racial heritage of the the spell caster!