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 Here are some C&C character sheets.  These are tailored fit for many of the rules presented on this site.  They are up to the current Castle Keeper's Guide and PHB 5th printing standards.
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Castles & Crusades is the rules-light fantasy roleplaying game from Troll Lord Games.  C&C is the perfect amalgamation of the modern, d20-style fantasy RPG forged in the tried and true spirit of classic Dungeons & Dragons.  For more information on this game, click here:  Castles & Crusades ~ Troll Lord Games

Players Handbook, 6th printing C&C Monsters & Treasure 

 The 7th crusade is here!  The 7th Crusade is the name for the current printings of the 
Players Handbook, Monsters & Treasure, and the Castle Keeper's Guide.  The pictures above are of the most current printings which are now in full-color and includes the latest rule clarifications and erratum.
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The Classic Monsters, and Of Gods & Monsters books have not yet gone through a reprint.  They are still in black and white, but are great books to add to your C&C games.  Recently, Troll Lord Games used Kickstarter as a resource to fund a new color printing of Classic Monsters.  While it wasn't successful in reaching the needed funds for a full-on color printing of the book, Troll Lord Games did announce that the new printing (due December 2015) will have new cover art, collected erratum, a small expansion of the material, and some  updated classic treasures.


Here you will find additional rules and concepts for the Castles & Crusades Fantasy Role Playing Game.  These rules expansions and additions have been dubbed Advanced Castles & Crusades by some.  In a few of the cases these rules greatly increase the mechanical aspect of the C&C game.  Others are simply rules clarifications, or natural extensions of the rules already presented in the various Castles & Crusades rulebooks.  Ideas and concepts found within were derived from many sources, including the diverse online C&C community as well as other iterations of the Dungeons & Dragons game.


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Beneath the shadows of the ancient, dreaded Castle Zagyg stands the fortified town of YggsburghIts stout walls and cobbled ways give ample refuge to those bold and worthy adventurers who come to the 
East Mark to plunder the dungeon deeps of the Mad Mage.  Beyond the protective covering of the town's walls and the deep waters of the Urt and Nemo rivers, lie a vast rolling countryside from the Glittering Knobs, to the Lonely Valley.
Alas, this setting was never fully completed.  While the main focus of the East Mark setting lies within Troll Lord Games pusblished works by E. Gary Gygax (Castle Zagyg Volume One, and Castle Zagyg: The Upper Works), a brief gazetteer of the East Mark was released.  Many interesting details of the setting were decribed within the East Mark Gazetteer, but many aspects were left painfully bare.  Within this section, you'll find additional, unofficial material for East Mark setting.


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In this section, you'll find a campaign setting the people of old call Landavyhai, and the younger races the Rhuinlands.  This setting was created with a classic adventure roleplaying in mind.  There are no flying robotic cities or desert mantis people who will melt your mind.  The basis of the campaign is rooted in the simplicity of the name "Castles & Crusades."  Here you will encounter dark enemies, massive armies, knights, monsters, fortresses and many other classic fantasy archtypes.  Old world fantasy in a setting of grand peril lies beyond!