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These are the contents that do not fit in other sections of my homepage.

  • See All Restricted Sites - SARS

  • sars is a utility to view the sites which are blocked servers due to some reasons.I designed this stuff completely for my personal use (for the time when internet access was filtered in Nepal). If you somehow get hold of this site,use it at your own risk.
  • Mail Anybody 'From' Anybody - MAFA

  • This tool should only be used to demonstrate the importance of digitally signing email messages and to show people that the email address shown in 'FROM' field in any email does not gurantee that it was sent by that email address. Please do not misuse this tool for phishing.
  • The Four Candles *

  • My friend ROK sent it to me via email with a series of images of candles and its story.I liked it so much that I created a flash version of this story so that others can easily read this story. This is the flash version of the orignal story.
  • Great Thoughts *

  • This peom had deep influence in my mind.I came across it while reading the book "You can win!" by Shiv Khera.I have made a flash version of this peom so that others can read it easily and take inspiration from it.
  • Value of Time

  • A poem that shows the importance of every unit of time.
  • Snake Game [ * Flash Based ]

  • This is a Flash Snake game which I created while learning Flash ActionScript.It's a cool game and becomes interesting after you score high ( when the enemy , black , snakes appear).Enjoy the game. Full Screen Game , Source Code for Snake [ snake.fla ]