Interfacing Mobile Phone LCD

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My article titled "Using 'serdisplib' library to drive mobile phone LCD" was published in "Do-It-Yourself" section of Electronics For You (May 2008 issue) magazine. This article is about the interfacing of a nokia 6100 mobile phone lcd with parallel port using serdisplib library. The usefulness of this interfacing is demonstrated using "gmailtolcd" application. The "gmailtolcd" application is used to fetch information about new emails, of a given user, from gmail POP server and display the information about new emails in the LCD.

I have contributed the code to add support for Nokia 6100 LCD in serdisplib library project. This is my first contribution to a open source project. I have been using open source stuffs from last 8 years. I had never thought that I would ever get involved in contributing to a OSS project. It was an amazing experience to see my name in "AUTHORS" file shipped with serdisplib package :).

 Some Photos of gmailtolcd application in action