Mens Anal Sex Toys

California Exotics COLT Anal Trainer Kit.

Any pleasure involves some initial training. That's why COLT have come up with the COLT anal trainer kit. This set includes three gradually sized butt plugs for intense anal exercise.

Pipedream Products Silicone P.E. Vibe Men's Prostate Health Small Prostate Massager Anal Sex Toy Kit

This is no ordinary prostate exam! The Silicone P.E. Vibe is the ultimate device for men who want to take pleasure to the next level. The soft silicone massager is ribbed and cleverly curved to stimulate a man's prostate, delivering mind-blowing sensations that end with incredible climaxes. Experience the most intense, most powerful, most explosive ejaculations ever! The thin, tapered tip makes insertion easy, and the ringed handles ensure safe removal. Choose a speed that's right for you and enjoy a whole new realm of pleasure. Butt Plug Colors May Vary.

Adam & Eve Men's Prostate Pleaser.

Slim, curved 3.75 insertable inch (9.5 cm) anal pleaser with EZ Bend shaft Pleasure tip seeks out the prostate. Ergonomically designed Flexible handle for the ultimate maneuverability Smooth, flexible exterior Gets super-slick when used with water-based lubricant Made in USA.

Rocks Off Rude Boy Dual Action Prostate Massager.

Are you a rude boy? The Rude-Boy vibrating massager offers dual action to please the prostate and perineum. To enjoy the unique experience of Rude-Boy, use a water based lubricant. Position the bullet behind the scrotum with the opposite end resting against your prostate. You can sit up or lie back and rock against Rude-Boy to provide hands-free stimulation. Strong, silent vibrations abound thanks to the included 1.5v battery that is included. Take this 100% waterproof toy with you in the tub or shower for some super wet fun. Warning: Intense ejaculation!

Doc Johnson Men's Prostate Massager Wand Black Anal Sex Toy Kit.

Are you ready for amazing intense orgasms, with the Doc Johnson Men's Prostate Massager you are guaranteed the most mind blowing orgasms ever. Get ready for lift off.

Doc Johnson Men's Prostate Massager Wand Black.

Vibrating anal/prostate stimulation. Massages the scrotum and balls while stimulating the prostate.
Uses 2 AA batteries (not included). Multi-speed + waterproof. Hits the spots every time. Easy insert and removal handle. Best selling anal sex toy for men on Amazon.

Pipedream Products, Inc. Classix Prostate Stimulator, Black.

Indulge yourself with the simple pleasures of a classic. This plastic prostate stimulator is cleverly curved to reach and massage man's prostate gland, while the curved handle gently stimulates his perineum with short firm strokes. It's perfect for beginners and a great way for first-timers to experiment with anal play. The sturdy handle ensure a safe and easy removal and cleanup is a snap after the fun.

Aneros MGX Prostate Stimulator.

One of our original models, the flagship MGX is great for men of all experience levels, and especially good for beginners starting out with prostate stimulation. Newly redesigned, the MGX is a medically researched and designed device that works in harmony with your body’s own movements. It stimulates both the prostate and the perineum in a rhythmic motion that builds up to unprecedented male orgasms. The MGX is easy to use and fulfilling for both the beginner and the expert, with progressively rewarding exercises and experiences. The MGX is well balanced with a ribbed stem for anal canal stimulation and stability. The perineum tab provides an external prostate massage through the perineum. A fusion of modern engineering and ancient eroticism, the Aneros will enlighten, enhance and expand your world of pleasure. The Aneros is a wonderful addition to your sex life, with your lover or on your own

* NEW * Ultimate Prostate Massager version 4.0

Guys, it's not a question of "WHETHER you will have prostate problems or not?", only a question of "WHEN will I have prostate problems?!!". Every man in the West over 50 faces this issue because of the epidemic of prostatitis. If prostatitis advances to prostate cancer it can kill you fast. The National Cancer Institute projects that 219,902 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in 2010 and that 28,159 deaths will occur because of prostate cancer. Cancer of the prostate is the second most common malignancy found in American men. All men are at risk. The most common risk factor is age. Maintaining proper nutritional balance in your diet and over all physical condition are discussed freely as preventative factors for prostate cancer. However, the American Medical community has kept one of the most important factors in prostate cancer prevention secret from men: The prostate needs to be DIRECTLY STIMULATED on a regular basis to improve muscle tone and mobility, increase blood circulation and release toxins. If you have the right tool and know-how, you can easily "do it yourself" conveniently and in the privacy of your home! The medical establishment usually won't volunteer this information because they make BIG money selling you prescription drugs and massage-services in their offices. The Ultimate Prostate Massager is the cheapest medical insurance you can get and it's not only good for you, it feels FANTASTIC. Your prostate and lower body will glow with joy after one use. We ship the most advanced massager anywhere in the U.S. in 2-3 days, which improves your prostate in 1-3 more days. Fritz Gerhard created the UPM because his father died of prostate cancer and spent his last $84,000 on cancer treatment because Medicare didn't cover everything. He could have saved his life if he'd just spent $50 and massaged his prostate early on. Learn the lesson the easy way... from other's mistakes.

Rocks Off Naughty-boy Double 'P' Spot Massager.

For the Naughty Boy in You!
The naughty but nice double 'P' spot massager
Dual action prostate and perineum sensation
Unique easy to use design, just sit and rock - Hands free
Powerful and silent vibration hitting the spot every time
Made from soft and flexible medical grade silicone
100% Waterproof
Includes the RO-80MM Power Bullet
Warning: Intense ejaculation