The Adult Stem Cell Technology Center, LLC

Developing unique partnerships for accelerating biomedical development and commercialization of advances in adult stem cell research

The Adult Stem Cell Technology Center, LLC (ASCTC) is pioneering a new approach to research and development collaboration between research scientists and life sciences companies in the human cell therapy sector.  The challenge of mass-producing functional normal human tissue cells in sufficient quantity and quality for commercial and clinical development is a critical bottleneck for many life sciences ventures.  Success in cell transplantation therapies, drug discovery programs, and production of high-activity therapeutic human biomolecules, in each case, depends on scaling this technology barrier.

In NIH Director’s Pioneer Award-founded research [https://commonfund.nih.gov/pioneer/] scientists in the ASCTC have developed new technologies that breach the human tissue cell production barrier [Technologies].  Their key advance is the bioengineering of methods to mass-produce human adult stem cells that retain their ability to produce, on demand, cells with desired mature tissue functions.  Based on this primary achievement, the ASCTC is uniquely positioned to partner with life sciences companies to remove technological barriers for human cell production, tissue stem cell quantification, tissue stem cell genetic engineering, tissue engineering, and tissue stem cell transplantation engineering that limit their commercial potential and success.