Adult Virtual Icebreakers

What is an "Icebreaker?"

"Icebreakers in the classroom help create safe environments where learners and facilitators can begin to navigate new and uncertain waters by getting to know each other."
From:  Icebreakers Build E-Learning Communities, Gregory A. Kompe,


More Resources

As the number of virtual classrooms increases, as does the resources available to the online instructor.  There are many excellent resources on virtual icebreakers and more, available in published and online formats. The creativeness and variety of contributions demonstrate that educators are embracing the virtual classroom ensuring students productive and positive learning. A link to some of these valuable resources is provided here: Icebreaker Resources

Why Use Icebreakers?

"...icebreakers reduce both student and instructor anxiety; foster both student-student and faculty-student interactions; create an environment where the learner is expected to participate, the instructor is willing to listen, and where learners are actively engaged from the onset; convey the message that the instructor cares about getting to know the students; and, make it easier for students to form relationships early in the semester so they can work together, both in and out of class."
From: Icebreaker Activities/Creative Teaching-Ettes/Teaching & Learning Resources

Lansing Community College, Center for Teaching Excellence

Icebreaker Conversions

The activities tied to the links below are examples of icebreakers originally developed for the face-to-face classroom but have been modified for use in the virtual classroom. They represent a variety of methods and tools that can be used in the virtual environment to conduct successful icebreaker activities. (PDF versions of each icebreaker are attached to each activity for printing.)