Virtual Icebreakers

FEATURED ACTIVITY:    "Virtual Name Tags"

This introductory activity encouraging students to share information about themselves in a forum where they can read peer posts and discuss similarities and differences in responses.  

Welcome to Virtual Icebreakers! 

This strategy section contains information about using icebreaker activities in the adult virtual learning environment. 
There are three pages with information related to virtual icebreakers in this section:
  1. This page features an icebreaker activity as well as a categorized listing of virtual icebreakers.  This resource is intended to grow with continued submissions.
  3. To learn more about icebreakers, such as what they are and why and how they are used, please visit the Virtual Icebreaker Information page.
  5. To access a categorized list of icebreaker resources, please visit the Virtual Icebreaker Resource page. This resource is also intended to grow with continued submissions.
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Grade LevelTitleCreator
Grade LevelTitleCreator
Adult Which One are You? Farnoush Davis 
Adult Where in the World? Nancy Sipes  
Adult Who Done That! Michelle Abrahams 
Adult What's in a Name? Anne Negus 
Adult Time Machine Matt Smith 
Adult Partner Interview and Highlight! Mike Fuller 
Adult Let's Twitter! Debbie Wicks 
Adult Beach Ball Icebreaker Mike Fuller 
Adult Virtual Name Tags Alicia Mueller 
Adult  Time Capsule Mary Oakley 
Showing 10 items