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  • T Shirt is a 1976 album by Loudon Wainwright III. Unlike his earlier records, this (and the subsequent 'Final Exam') saw Wainwright adopt a full blown rock band (Slowtrain) - though there are acoustic songs on T-Shirt, including a talking blues.
  • jersey: a close-fitting pullover shirt
  • A short-sleeved casual top, generally made of cotton, having the shape of a T when spread out flat
  • A T-shirt (T shirt or tee) is a shirt which is pulled on over the head to cover most of a person's torso. A T-shirt is usually buttonless and collarless, with a round neck and short sleeves.
  • Pedro (pronounced "peedro") is an American trick-taking card game of the All Fours family based on Auction Pitch. Its most popular variant is known as Cinch, Double Pedro or High Five.
  • Pedro is a 2008 American movie about the openly gay, Cuban-American AIDS educator and television personality, Pedro Zamora, who became famous as a castmember on MTV's reality television series, ''.
  • There are several Spanish footballers known simply as Pedro. It may refer to: * Pedro Hernandez Martinez (born 1978), right defender * Pedro Santa Cecilia (born 1984), midfielder * Pedro Antonio Sanchez Monino (born 1987), forward * Pedro Rodriguez Ledesma (born 1987), forward/winger
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The true story of Pedro Zamora.

Celebrity. Activist. Icon.

In 1994, Bunim/Murray Productions made the ground-breaking decision to cast openly gay, HIV-positive Cuban-American Pedro Zamora as part of MTV s The Real World: San Francisco. Zamora s time in The Real World house on Lombard Street brought a face to the AIDS crisis; and U.S. President Bill Clinton credited Zamora with personalizing and humanizing those with the disease.

PEDRO celebrates the extraordinary life of Pedro Zamora; a young man who when he found out he was HIV positive at 17, made the courageous decision to dedicate the rest of his life to speaking out about his condition in an attempt to raise awareness about the disease in his community. His appearance on The Real World brought his story and his message to MTV s youthful audience and beyond; and when Zamora s health began to deteriorate in late 1994 (after he left the show), it became front page news nationwide, and his death at age 22 provoked a worldwide outpouring of grief. Stars Alex Loynaz and Justina Machado (Six Feet Under)

3 Episodes of THE REAL WORLD SAN FRANCISCO, featuring Pedro Zamora. Also, main feature is CC

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Amanda's First Renaissance Fair: An R.V. Explodes!!
Amanda's First Renaissance Fair: An R.V. Explodes!!
Amanda's very-first-ever Ren Fair experience!! Peter and I try to go to the Ren Fair, which is held at the town of Larkspur, at least once a year. And no, that last sentence was NOT a typo ... the Ren Fair pretty much IS the town of Larkspur. Allow us to take you on an epic, epic journey through the heart of a magical adventure that can only be expressed by two words: Turkey shank. Here we are at the entrance to the Renaissance Fairgrounds, being heckled by what I can only assume is a fairy, a jester and a very confused homeless man. It is Peter Robinson's tradition to buy at least one ice-cream sandwich to eat at the Renaissance Fair from the dirty old cart vendor. Here he is, standing in front of Ye Olde Dragon Climbing Tower looking nobly into the distance ... Here are Peter and Amanda, enjoying Peter's ice cream sandwich together. As we all know, usually this kind of encroaching on food would get a man killed in Peter's presence, but Amanda has just suffered through the horrors of Ye Olde Privy. For those less savvy of you, thaaaat's a port-o-potty. DAMMIT! If I had known I could get a totally awesome Gandalf style walking stick no WAY would I have thrown down for those collapsible lightweight walking sticks from REI!! At the Renaissance Fair, a magical alternate universe, they WANT you to touch them. Yes, people, didgeridoos. At the Ren Fair. We know. "Please touch." "OK, but maybe not you. You're sketchy." This picture needs no justification. I love you, Satan. Notice that as the day wears on the awesomeness of our pictures increases exponentially. Amanda and I got on the swing together! My new husband insisted that he couldn't join us because "simple harmonic rides make me vomit." Then he took another sip of his cider from his stein, which by this point had turkey gristle floating in it. You may not be able to extrapolate it from this photo, but in about . 5 seconds, Amanda Schuldt is going to kick this man pushing our swing directly in the balls. As Amanda puts, "there was full, up-tunic contact, with a distinct squishing sensation". Best 3 dollars I ever spent. Peter Robinson: Your New Wife. Your New, Graceful and Tactful Wife. The one with the lazy eye. PEOPLE. I NEED YOU TO UNDERSTAND. THIS IS A WEDDING PROCESSIONAL. THE GIRL IN WHITE JUST GOT MARRIED. LIKE, FOR REALS. AT THE RENAISSANCE FAIR. I'm sorry for my urgent tone. It's just that this is the fate I narrowly escaped. Not all wedding processionals are attended by Johnny Depp and his pet elephant! This is my photojournalistic side coming out. I want you all to really look at what this woman is eating. I mean reaaaally look. (It helps if you know that in the background the bar wenches are singing "I married a man with no balls.") I have no words. OTHER THAN HUZZAH!!! Once again, the photojournalist within. This image has SOOOOO much going for it. We have the dude in the awesome Green Lantern t-shirt, who obviously thought he was going to ComiCon and is saddened and confused by the fixation of this place on swords and fairies. You have the 3 year old being smothered by an inappropriately large pirate hat. And you have the man I assume to be the proud father, wearing a full-on hiker's pack but failing to see the utility of a shirt. I do not know what kind of "history lessons" this gentleman is pimping but I feel confident they end with tears and a moist towelette. Ima and her husband of 12 years, married at the Renaissance Fair a week from today, with the giddy couple. Amanda, looking happier and happier every time we see her with that beer stein, also with the creepy clown couple. The road not taken ... the Ren Fair wedding chapel. "Yay!! We DIDN'T get married HERE!" OK, guys. I was a little upset about the ice cream sandwiches and the didgeridoos, but SERIOUSLY, the llama is PUSHING IT. Mugs! Made out of the finest leather and plywood money can buy!! OK, SERIOUSLY??? The llama, and now there are TWO COMPETING didgeridoo vendors at the REN FAIR?? Goddammit. Seriously, happier and happier ... Now THIS is why I come to the Ren Fair!! Ladies and gentlemen, my husband. A very special, special man. Let's analyze: Root Beer Float stand, "I'm voting for Pedro" t- shirt, ice cream sundae with whipped cream and chocolate toppings. There is NOTHING in this picture that is even remotely connected to the Renaissance, but that's okay because Peter Robinson has a look of joy on his face that can only be expressed by a boyman with special treat. There are times at the fair when you capture a scene so inherently geektastic that it imprints on you eternally. This scene of the pasty white boy with the long hair and no business walking around without a shirt on but STILL WITH A GIRL is one of them. Miracles can happen, boys. The joust!!!! OK, so I know this picture is awesome, but there are some elements that made
Vote for Zaphod
Vote for Zaphod
I will never wear a "Vote for Pedro" shirt. That's just stupid. I would however wear a shirt that read "Pedro Lacks Political Experience." And this shirt. Because I would vote for Zaphod for any office.

vote for pedro t shirt