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Personalized 1st Birthday T Shirts

personalized 1st birthday t shirts
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personalized 1st birthday t shirts - Personalized Flask
Personalized Flask and Funnel Gift Set
Personalized Flask and Funnel Gift Set
This elegant and classy stainless steel flask and funnel gift set is personalized and offered by CKB Products Wholesale!
You can have up to 4 lines of text, 15 characters per line engraved on the 8oz flask in this set. Currently we are offering stylish block lettering text and cannot do graphics, only text. Your text will be centered on the flask.
Flask features a screw-down cap which is soldered on to the top of the body and attached by rivets. Measures 4-3/4" from top to bottom and the width is 3-5/8." The funnel itself measures 7/8" in length and has a diameter of 1-1/4" which is wide enough for most spouts making it virtually spill-proof.
This flask and funnel set is sold in a gift box with window display; showing off the custom text and personalization. Because these flasks are custom engraved they make perfect groomsmen and bridesmaid wedding party gifts, promotional business products or any special occasion that requires a higher degree of presentation.

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Walt Disney World merch
Walt Disney World merch
I rarely buy Disney merch but this time there were some items I had to have. 1. Classic EPCOT Center glasses - I'm a sucker for anything with the old EPCOT logo 2. The Art of Walt Disney World book - This book has been out of print for a while now and goes for crazy prices on Amazon so i jumped at the chance to buy it at retail price + AP discount 3. Vintage attraction poster coasters - My living room has framed attraction posters up on the wall so these made sense 4. Test Track car - I'm not a fan of Test Track but I do love me some ride vehicles, this was a no brainer 5. Epcot 25th birthday button and Undiscovered Future World pin - These were given to me when we took a tour of Epcot 6. Personalized Citricos Menu - Because we went to Citricos on our honeymoon they gave us personalized menus that said "Jennifer and Guy, May you live happily ever after" This was such a surprise and so nice of them 7 Vintage attraction poster magnets - for the fridge 8. Epcot DVD - I haven't watched this yet but these always make a good "snapshot" in time. Now it may not be that interesting but in 10 years it will be fun to look back 9. A Living Blue Print of the Future EPCOT Center shirt - I wanted this shirt last year but my friend Ray bought it and I didn't want to be a copy cat. This year the shirt was on clearance for half off and I couldn't resist. Sorry Ray ;) First Birthday T-shirt First Birthday T-shirt
his adorable birthday t-shirt is perfect for your little one's first birthday! A large applique number is center with your child's name monogrammed over the top. TOO Cute. There are lots of fabrics to choose from to make this t-shirt truly unique.

personalized 1st birthday t shirts