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Here are some samples of Interactive PowerPoint Lessons, we have created and you are free to use in your class or on-line learning.  They are available in MS PowerPoint format (requires Mircrosoft Office's Power Point or the free Open Office's Impress) and some are available in Flash format, viewable in most web browser's with the Adobe Flash plug-in.


See how to create your own Interactive PowerPoint lessons.


If you create one and would like to share it, tell us about it, and provide us a web site to download it or give us your e-mail address. 


Lesson Name PPT Flash
 sample The Seasons  PPS


Subject Pronouns Pronouns  PPS SWF
(sample only
- no sound,
- no feedback)
Indefinite Articles
Halloween PPS  
Singular vs Plural The Talkative Tortoise PPS  
Driving Truck License PPS  
Singular vs Plural Maria's Kitchen PPS  
Singular vs Plural
Jobs PPS  
Singular vs Plural
Occupations PPS  
Present Tense Verbs
A Love Story PPS  
Simple Present Tense
Simple Present PPS  
Simple Present Tense
Time Expressions  PPS  
Present Continuous Tense Present Continuous PPS  
Past Tense of the Verb To Be Was or Were PPS  
   more to come...