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In support of adult learners and educators, has tools and resources we have developed and links to others.  This site is designed for beginning English learners and beginning and intermediate ABE students, including pre-emergent and emergent readers.  We hope you find something you can use.

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Interactive PowerPoint Lessons
BINGO Board / Flash Card Generator Interactive Q & A  Worksheet Generator

   Interactive PowerPoint based lessons can be useful practice for students. 


   Interactive PowerPoint based lessons can prompt users for answers and provide visual and audio responses in a fun way. 


   Most importantly, they are relatively easy to generate. 

   How to generate interactive lessons using PowerPoint...


  Sample / Free Interactive PowerPoint lessons...

BINGO Board Generator
   We are providing you a free on-line tool to generate printable BINGO Boards and accompanying cue cards, or you can just print up the cue cards to use as flash cards.

  1. Enter words, phrases, or numbers.
  2. Choose options
  3. Generate BINGO boards and accompanying cue cards.
  4. Print boards/ cards.
  5. Now play BINGO or use the flash cards.

   Sample / Free BINGO Boards...

Q&A- Show- A Worksheet Generator
   We are providing you a free on-line tool to generate computer based Question and Answer worksheets.  Answers can be provided for easier self-checking, or students can simply print out the filled worksheets.
  1. Enter questions.
  2. Enter answers.
  3. Choose options.
  4. Generate worksheet.
  5. Save your worksheet on your computer.
  6. Your students fill in the worksheet and can check their own rogress.
   Sample / Free Q&A Worksheets...


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