My name is Bruce Blount - a survivor of a 4th ventricular ependymoma since 1995.

I hope you enjoy the following. It took me weeks to figure out and make possible...not bad for someone who just figured out silverware last week!

This rare type of tumor can occur anywhere the Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) travels, whether that be in the ventricles of the brain, or in the spine. It is not uncommon for them to be located in both. For a better description of these neoplasms, please go to our "links" page. While many of the links will take you to sites that fully explain tumors, this site focuses on attitude. Let's let the "whitecoats" do their thing, our job is to modify our attitude. A good outlook may (or may not) extend your life - but it surely will make what you have left much more enjoyable!

Remember - you only have seconds left. It may be one hundred billion seconds, but seconds nonetheless!

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4th ventricle ependymoma

Spinal ependymoma