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Estuar Foundation (Romania)

Created in 1993, the mission of Estuar is to provide social options and alternatives for adults with mental health problems for their reintegration within the Romanian community. We develop several projects in mental health field with partners from the country and abroad.

Target groups

  • Adults with mental health problems,
  • Adults with temporary adaptation and communication problems,
  • Families and friends of people with mental health problems,
  • Professionals from connected fields, such as: psychiatry, social assistance, psychology, law,
  • Representatives of local and central authorities


  • Social Centres in Bucharest, Botosani, Cluj, Giurgiu, Ploiesti
  • Supported accomodation
  • Legal representation for adult people with mental health problems
  • Parents’ school
  • Training for stress management and performance increase at work
  • Working workshops
  • Economical activities
  • Awareness campaigns


Within the national network of community centers from Bucharest (1st and 6th district), Cluj, Botosani, Ploiesti and Giurgiu, Estuar Foundation provides the following services:

  • Counseling and informing services – we offer psychiatric, psychologic, social, vocational and juridical counseling for users, support for users and carers, at home and in the social centers.
  • Recovery, rehabilitation and social reinsertion services – we offer therapeutic & educational activities, advocacy for users and carers.
  • Supported Accommodation - we provide shelter and specialized services for several people with mental health problems (accommodation for an unlimited period, professional orientation, support for independent life, social and psychological counseling , financial support).