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Used Mini Bike Frames

used mini bike frames
    bike frames
  • (Bike frame) A bicycle frame is the main component of a bicycle, on to which wheels and other components are fitted. The modern and most common frame design for an upright bicycle is based on the safety bicycle, and consists of two triangles, a main triangle and a paired rear triangle.
  • miniskirt: a very short skirt
  • Denoting a miniature version of something
  • used of women's clothing; very short with hemline above the knee; "a mini dress"; "miniskirts"
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Indoor Flea Market 3: Johnathon Hoenscheidt's booth
Indoor Flea Market 3: Johnathon Hoenscheidt's booth
We used to have a great outdoor fleamarket, one of the best in the country, that brought travelers showing their stuff from all over the world mixed in with the local household down sizing that makes real Swap Meats (where did that term originate from?) so very interesting and useful. Then the Pueblo took over and everything changed (lots of new rules and regulations) and locals stopped going for decades already. This indoor flea is right downtown in the Railyard, across from the Farmers Market inside a funky space that has served many purposes. I love it right in my 'hood and hate that it is supposed to move to the South side on to the former race track. Sure the race track could use revitalizing and a flea with an added culinary experiment might be great. But I love, love, love the flea market in the too often still deserted new Railyard district, my 'hood, where meandering over to the Farmers Market is naturally combined with a stroll through the Flea Market. From all appearances it has been a great success and I just wished they could find a way to keep it going.
IMG 4585
IMG 4585
SOMA Sparrows with elkhide done, untrimmed. The MINI Clubman S in the background is the same color as the bike. These photos document my Carpetbagger project, a fixed-gear build fitted with S&S Couplers to be used as a travel bike. The general details of the build sheet are: 1. SOMA Rush frame, 56cm: stripped, coupled, then powdercoated in a color to match my sweet, sweet MINI. 2. S&S Couplers: break-away coupler set to allow the bike to be packed in an airline compliant case and avoid bike shipping fees; assembled by Tom at 4130 3. SOMA Sparrow bars 4. Odyssey finger lever 5. Shimano medium reach brake with Kool-Stops 6. Handmade wheels by with Velocity Fusions and All-City hubs in bright polished silver. 7. Panaracer Pasela 700x23 tyres 8. Elkhide by Velo Orange, hand stitched 9. Custom bar end caps made from vintage typewriter keys. 10. Velo-Orange Stem and Seatpost 11. Brooks Swallow, Honey 12. Sugino 75 drivetrain: 72 inchgear Love it. Team Lope Tyre Clubbe

used mini bike frames
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