Pixel is an international education and training institution with 18 years of experience in international cooperation and European project management. Pixel has successfully coordinated and managed over 85 European projects.

Pixel organizes and delivers international in-service training courses on different topics such as: European cooperation, new technologies for education, innovative educational methodologies and language learning. Since 2011, Pixel has also organized the international Master on European Project Planning and Management that has now reached its 6th edition. Pixel organizes international conferences. Three of them are organized on a yearly basis. The first one – The Future of Education – is held in Florence in June. The second international conference – ICT for language Learning – is held in Florence in November. The third international conference – New Perspectives in Higher Education – is held in Florence in March. Pixel has developed international partnerships with over 500 organizations worldwide.

Main added values for the project:
  • Organization of international education and training initiatives
  • Organization of international events and conferences in the field of higher education
  • Coordination or membership of European networks and experience in coordination, management, evaluation and monitoring of European projects