The Open University develops and provides open higher distance education. There is a special focus on the use of new ICTs and teaching/learning methods to provide effective, efficient, attractive and accessible lifelong learning facilities and education to Dutch citizens.

Within the Open University, the Welten Institute (formerly known as CELSTEC - Research Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology) integrates expertise in sciences and technology-enhanced learning. The mission of the Welten Institute is to improve learning and knowledge building at work, at school, at home and on the move by combining state-of- the-art knowledge in the Learning Sciences with the innovative powers of new Information and Communication Technologies. 

New approaches to learning and innovation are extensively tested in our laboratories and in practice. The core activities of the Welten Institute are research, innovation, education and training.

Main added values for the project:
  • Core expertise in technology-enhanced learning research; previous work in the ICOPER project
  • Expertise in the fields of research, technologies, methods, mobile learning as well as game based learning
  • International research network and its involvement in a variety of related projects

Slavi Stoyanov

Valkenburgweg 177 
6419 At Heerlen