Founded in 1842, Delft University of Technology is the oldest, largest, and most comprehensive technical university in the Netherlands. With over 13000 students and 2100 scientists (including 200 full professors), it is an establishment of both national importance and significant international standing. The Delft University of Technology has 14 different B.Sc. and more than 30 M.Sc. programs. Renowned for its high standard of education and research, TU Delft collaborates with other educational establishments and research institutes, both within and outside of the Netherlands. It also enjoys partnerships with governments, trade organisations, numerous consultancy companies, industry and small and medium sized enterprises. TU Delft is an “interactive partner”, committed to answering its multifaceted demands and initiating changes to benefit people in the future.

The Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Center for Education and Learning develops and researches new forms of efficient, effective and enjoyable learning with technology in Higher Education. Erasmus University Rotterdam, Leiden University and the University of Technology Delft joint forces to start the centre in 2014 to bundle efforts on innovation, research, and professionalisation in Higher Education. The center runs the EdTech challenge combining the three incubators of ECE Rotterdam, Plnt Leiden and YES!Delft. With academic experts from the three universities, business experts from the incubators and.  access to testing groups, launching customers and funding possibilities, the startups have access to everything needed to launch their business. Furthermore CEL coordinates a research program on Technology Enhanced Learning focusing on large scale evaluations in Open Education, new developments of immersive and augmented media in medical, leisure, sports and construction sectors, as also Data Enhanced Education developing and evaluating the impact of Learning Analytics in blended education. Third CEL links the innovation and research to the professionalization efforts of the three universities including the TU Delft Teaching Lab and Teaching Academy, the Research and Training Center of Erasmus University (RISBO), and the Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching (ICLON). CEL organizes professional development pressure cookers and focused teacher development coaching for making use of new technologies in Higher Education.


Marcus Specht

Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Education and Learning (LDE-CEL)
Education and Learning (LDE-CEL)
Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6
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