Humak University of Applied Sciences’ vision is to become an international and social university, engaged in the development of a fair and communal Finland. Our mission is to provide participation, social wellbeing, and communality, as well as to create new information, competence and expertise in our fields.

Humak UAS is specialized in organizational activities and youth work, work community development, entrepreneurship in cultural management, creative industries and in the interpreting sector. Humak UAS operates nationwide. Our regional units are located in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (Helsinki, Kauniainen, Nurmijärvi), Turku, Jyväskylä, and Kuopio. In addition, we have RDI offices in Tampere, Imatra, Joensuu, and Kemi. We have 1,500 students and 130 experts. The strengths of Humak UAS guide the strategic development of our operations, both in education as well as research, development, innovation and experimental activity.

Main added values for the project:
  • Communication expertise, good organization work skills, working communities, integration
  • Digital Campus and new technologies for education
  • Interpreting and linguistic accessibility

Niila Tamminen 
Ilkantie 4
00400 Helsinki