Guidelines for the effective use of TEL Tools

This output contains the TEL tools template which is a standardized, structured template for the description of tools used in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) settings as well as the TEL tools that are a structured, standardized collection, describing TEL tools.

A tool is a set of instruments, either technological or didactic, used to perform a particular task/activity with a strong emphasis on Technology Enhanced Learning. This structured and standardised collection of TEL tools was gathered by the project consortium, after systematic workshops and meetings with collaborators and consultants. The category of the tool is mentioned as well as several indications on the level of required technical skills or equipment and in which environment the tool can be best implemented. These are guidelines for the effective use of TEL tools in the higher education context.

The tools and methods are strongly intertwined, so that a matrix of possible combinations is generated and can facilitate a both pedagogical and technological approach to TEL teaching.
Main target group of this output are Higher education lecturer who wish to introduce or use TEL tools or who already use TEL tools and would like to share their experiences.