Teaching methods for Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

TEL Teaching Methods

This output contains the teaching method template which is a standardized, structured template for the description of an individual teaching method for technology-enhanced learning (TEL) support as well as  the teaching methods that are a structured, standardized collection, describing educational scenarios, pedagogical approaches and connected TEL approaches.

Goal of the output is to help educators to describe TEL-based methods in a structured, standardised way and to help lecturer to find and reuse these methods. The teaching method template is to be prepared in a way that simplifies the creation of a corresponding database scheme as basis for a searchable system. The structured and standardised collection of Teaching Methods for TEL was gathered by the project consortium, after systematic workshops and meetings with collaborators and consultants. 

Main target group of this output are Higher education lecturers in Higher Education either already using TEL in their teaching or lecturers that are interested in learning more about TEL Teaching Methods.  

Developed templates for the description of TEL Teaching Methods (Creative Commons BY-NC-SA) for download: