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Teaching Method and Tools in AduLeT project: A common vision

In an attempt to congregate the two main visions regarding the definitions of teaching method and tools, we propose an objective and straightfoward

  • A teaching method is a logical process through which knowledge is obtained.
  • It is organised in a succession of logical steps or stages aiming at achieving (a) predetermined goal(s).
  • A teaching method comprises a set of methodologies, strategies and techniques, tools and learning activities (as exemplified in fig.1).

A set of instruments, either technological or didactic, used to perform a particular task/activity. E.g. A coursebook (a tool but also a learning object
itself), either digital or paperback, has several learning objects (contents and tasks/activities). A platform like Moodle is the technological tool and the
coursebook (in Moodle, for example), is a didactic tool, however with different levels of granularity. Summing up, paper is the same as Moodle, though in
different layouts.

Fig. 1 – Big Picture about Teaching Method and Tools in AduLeT project