In this category you can find all of our transnational meetings as well as minutes, pictures and some relevant documents. To access the documents and pictures you need a login. If you want to access these data please contact Birgit May.

First Transnational Meeting - 01.12. - 02.12.2016 Kick Off meeting in Ludwigsburg (DE)
The first transnational meeting took place in Ludwigsburg at the University of Education were Birgit May and Annika Jokiaho presented the project and the project management with the most important facts like budget, communication plan and some important milestones of the project. All the partners had the possibility to get to know each other in person and to talk about the goals in the project. Although the project just started some concepts like the evaluation strategy or the exploitation plan could already be presented. There was also a first draft of the website and the partner discussed the organisation of the documents in Gdrive. The next steps for IO1 and IO2 were planned and the partners committed to the deadlines for IO1 and IO2.

Second Transnational Meeting - 08.05. - 09.05.2017 in Heerlen (NL)
The second transnational meeting was in Heerlen at the Welten Institute of the Open University. All intellectual outputs could be addressed and the partners discussed and approved the next steps of each intellectual output. These are the most important deadlines for the next months: 

Interim report
15.09.2017: interim report due (DE)
01.09.2017: provide DE all relevant information (steering group members/ IO leaders)

Dissemination plan
19.05.2017: everybody fills in the missing information (all)
31.05.2017: Hannu will provide the second version of the dissemination plan (FI)
31.07.2017: revision and feedback on the second version (all)

31.07.2017: build the community workshops were performed at each partner's institution (all)
after each workshop: documentation of the build the community workshops

30.08.2017: provide NL with 5 experts (Name + e-mail address)
01.09-17.09.2017: training for the project members
18.09.-22.09.2017: experts are filling in the statements
30.05.2017: meeting FI, DE, HU and PT to discuss google services as a solution